Picture by Nick Illot Photography.

Picture by Nick Illot Photography.

As a newly wed myself who planned my whole wedding (with a little input from the Groom!) I mostly loved the planning experience but tonight, I just wanted to share a few tips this week for any brides on the brink!

Weddings are life consuming and become everything you seem to think and talk about but remember not to forget your hobbies, friends and the Groom!
Keep the groom involved in planning, its easy to get carried away! But its a celebration of you both and that should show, make the day as personal to you both as possible.

Trust your suppliers – you have researched and met them, now let them do what they do best! Sending too many emails will just drive them and you mad. They really are the professionals.

Ask for help : that to do list won’t tick itsself. It can be hard to give away things for others to do because you like to stay in control but delegating will lift a huge weight from your shoulders.

Be a bridezilla, thats fine. Its a huge pressure getting married, and every once in a while you might just snap! If you can sleep on a problem you are having, everything will seem clearer in the morning. If you can’t find the perfect colour matched shoes or have 15 tiered wedding cake it will still be ok. Compromise is the best advise I can give.

People will let you down but your wedding day, I promise this, will be the best day of your life.

Now take a deep breath, Its friday evening put your feet up and have a night off wedding talk.
Have a great weekend.

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