For me finding the perfect photographer for our wedding day was really one of the hardest things to do. Your wedding photographs are for life, not only your life but they will be inherited by your children and passed through from generation to generation.

They must capture you and your partner as a couple timelessly and subtly in my opinion, they are pictures you will look at more than any others you’ll ever have taken – they have to be ‘you’.

I believe spending on your wedding photography should be the biggest splurge, if you love someones work so much it brings a smile to your face on their website – you know you have to book them.

I’m adding just a few photographers who’s work I always enjoy are available in the Norfolk area. They are some great photographers today who are pushing the wedding photography arena away from staged cheesy group shots, so enjoy finding the one for you while getting swept up in all the beautiful shots and couples along the way.

Nick Illot was our photogrpaher, I fell in love with his subtle approach to taking pictures, he never took over the day or made our guests even feel like they were being photographed. Here are some of my favourite pictures from my own wedding day, I wasn’t sure wether to share as they really are precious to us, so I hope you like them.

PA (56)

PA (329)

PA (102)PA (252)

Another local photographer I’ve fallen madly in love her work since following her on Instagram @welliesandvogue – Tori Hancock.
Her work is so natural and catches you off guard with her simplicity. You are caught in the moment with her work and I really can’t get enough.





Lastly, Joanna Millingtons style is just wonderful. Take a look for yourself at :




Happy Friday!
The Little Lending Co. x

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