We were feeling a bit nippy this afternoon and started to think of ways to warm up your guests at a winter party or wedding, I don’t think you can beat a Winter Warming Station with Hot chocolate and Toasted Marshmallows.

Light lots of tea lights, Put marshmallows on kebab sticks and make lots of hot chocolate for guests to toast and dunk. You could add chocolate blocks and nuts onto the table for toppings.

Not got a sweet tooth – try melting cheese and serve with Figs and Crackers.

Winter Warming 2

This could easily become a great wedding favour too, make marshmallow kebabs and wrap in celefane and a ribbon bow. Hand each guest a gam jar with tea light at the reception to toast at their leisure through the evening. The Little Lending Co. has hundreds of jam jars to make this happen.

Stay Warm,
The Little Lending Co. x

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