Pine Cones on Mirror

Its that time when we deck the halls and trim the trees!
We are full of festive cheer for our first christmas and we just couldn’t wait to get the Christmas decorations up in The Little Lending Co. HQ!

We’ve been collecting our pine cones on walks in the woods for a few weeks now, but there are still plenty on the ground that can be scooped up and dried out. The best way to dry out your pine-cones for crafting is putting them on a very low heat in the oven for an hour or so.

What you will need to make a super simple pine cone garland :
Pine cones – as many as your length of sting, Spray paint, Scissors and String.

You will need

1) Lay out the pine cones on newspaper in a well aired place.
2) Spray lightly with spray paint – any colour you like, festive golds or bright white make great highlights.
3) Leaving a length at each end of the string to tie up begin weaving the string through the cone and knotting to secure. Using smaller lengths of string is easier to knot each time.
4) Repeat, space evenly or randomly placed like ours.

You could also try dipping cones in paint for a dip-dye look, or adding paper luggage tags with individual letters on between the cones spelling out a christmas saying.

We love the idea of lots of these hung arround the xmas tree or above a roaring fire on the mantel piece.

Show us any of your DIY decs and home styling on Instagram using #LLCxmasdecs
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Have a brilliant build up to Christmas,
The Little Lending Co. x


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