Photography by Nick Ilott.

Photography by Nick Ilott.

Well as the year draws to a close, its always good to look back and reflect on highs, lows and all the in-betweens – Your achievements, accomplishments and just how far your’ve come.

It was just 5 months ago that I married my favourite man in a beautiful Norfolk church and then had the best afternoon in the summer sun: afternoon tea and then an evening dancing the night away with our nearest and dearest. A dream day for us both. I love the precious pictures and video we hold of the day, each time I go through them or watch again I’m filled with the warm emotion I felt that day, not to mention the nervous excitement and adrenaline I felt when I walked up the aisle.
2013 will always have a special place in my heart for this very reason. I’ll always remember that day as one I would give anything to live again but I’ve loved being a married woman and starting our life together and talking about our dreams and hopes for the future. Belonging is a wonderful feeling.

But it was also a year of loss. I said goodbye to a inspiring, kind and incredible man in my life – my granddad. He was defiantly the one that gave me my vivid imagination and taught me to dream big and be happy in life – but most importantly to laugh. I’ve truly felt the warmth of my family and friends more than ever when he passed and just lets me know they are always there. He was there to watch me marry my A, and know he was proud he made it to be a part of our day.

A big highlight this year was my hen do in Brighton – 13 hens piled into a small house in the lanes. We had alot of fun playing games and drinking in the evenings. Dancing with knickers on my head was never something I thought I’d achieve this year!

The year seems to have flown by for me. Pre-wedding was super busy planning for the big day – cutting, sewing, researching, designing, sticking, and and of course all those emotions brides-to-be go through leading up to their day. Its all very surreal and just didn’t feel like the day was ever going to come. I couldn’t believe it was going to be me.

And the 2nd half of the year, after a super fancy honey moon in St. Lucia, was all about setting up The Little Lending Co.

When I got home (with a great tan!) I just knew I wanted to set up this little hire company with everything I had brought and made while wedding planning. I found it hard to find simple, rustic and timeless pieces locally for our day and really wanted to help other brides in the area to find and bring their ideas to life.

I wanted to get going very quickly and soon I had a name, Facebook page, twitter, instagram and pinterest. I took a little longer to get the branding and logo set but once they were I started this blog/website to show the products I had and also some easy and effective wedding DIY ideas, thoughts and advice from a now old married woman!

I booked myself into some local wedding fairs which gave me the deadline I needed to be ready for the brides and grooms with flyers and cards and lots of style ideas. It really has been wonderful to meet so many excited and enthusiastic brides looking for something a little different, or those who have found us online and loved what we have to offer, and is just making me know its been the right decision setting up The Little Lending Co.

We have been welcomed into the wedding industry by some great local suppliers, companies and venues. I’ve enjoyed meeting and working with like-minded creatives looking to offer something a little unique and more relaxed in the world of wedding decor. And I’m so excited about more collaborations next year.

We’d also like to thank the local press that have featured us, and now national too! We have had some fantastic coverage and really thrilled to have such a great response in our first few months.

At The Little Lending Co. we know just how precious weddings and special events are to the people involved. I’ve realised this last few months just how passionate I am about creating timeless, beautiful days full of visuals for people to get excited about, through sourcing the county for props and accessories to use and inspire others with ideas that leave the ordinary behind.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you who have supported us in the first part of our journey with The Little Lending Co. we really are feeling the love. Please continue to share and spread the word into 2014.

Wishing you all a fabulous festive time and a great start to 2014.
The Little Lending Co. x

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