Enjoy it.

If you’re getting married this year I’m sure you’re filled with equal mixed emotion of panic and excitement! The New year is always a great way time to set out some time lines for the months leading up to your day and re-address that never-ending to-do list!

Don’t make wedding planning become a chore! Instead enjoy your build up and the researching, its only going to happen once. Spend time browsing pinterest and instagram for ideas you can use for your own day. It was our favourite way to wedding plan. You can often find wonderful suppliers too if you use # to search specific key words.

Have you seen our pinterest boards yet? Bursting with ideas for your tables, flowers, the dress and more! We’re always updating the boards with lots of easy, bohemian, relaxed inspiration for your day.

Have a great year, make it the best!
The Little Lending Co. x

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