Ever wanted to see your name in lights? Nows your chance!

This easy little light is made from cardboard and fairy lights and will make a fantastic top table addition or display on your cake table.

Light Me Up

You will need: Cardboard 3D letter (from The Range) Battery Fairy Light on a string, Sharp pair of scissors, Pencil and/or screwdriver.


* If you can’t find the letters at The Range then try Ebay. Or you could always make your own letter template out of cardboard by printing out a big capital letter on a word doc to A4 size and cutting out of card, it dosent need to be 3D at all to give the effect (especially if the back is hidden anyway!)

First off, Pierce the 3d letter then cut neatly the front layer away.

And you should end up with something like this :

Now would be a great time to paint the card if you had a colour in mind.

Mark at even intervals in pencil where you’d like the lights to be. Once you’re happy push through with a pencil or pointed end screwdriver. Be sure not too make too big a hole or the light will just fall through.

Then simply push though your string of fairy lights at each point. Once they are all though use some masking tape to tidy them up a little at the back. But we didn’t mind ours being a little on show, sat in front of a suitcase. The rest of the string and battery switch is also in here so you can choose when to turn on for maximum impact!


But why stop at letters..Find a giant floor filling piece of card and punch through a message to your guests and light up when they least expect it! Loving the BAR and DANCE light-up letter stations too!

We love to see what you do with your DIY light up letters! Use #LLCDIYLIGHTS on Instagram.

There are lots of incredible giant light up lights being hired from some super companies, I’m always being asked who we used to light up our dance floor!

Nick Ilott Photography.

Nick Ilott Photography.

Ours we’re by the fantastic Vowed and Amazed in London or try new local Norwich Company for a more theatrical feel, Argent and Sable.

Happy Crafting,
The Little Lending Co. x


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