We’ll we’re heading straight for it. Love it or have it, there is just no escaping Valentines Day.

Each year there seem to be more cards, chocs and flowers filling the shop floors to shower our loved ones our affection. But I’m stepping away from all that and looking at the beauty of the written word to let my favourite know just how much he means to me.

I wrote a poem on the inside of his wedding day card and thought about every word and line to really tell him how I felt. Is there anything better to evoke emotion than a heart-felt poem to show you care?

Tyler Knott Gregson 1

I came accross a wonderful poet who’s use of words in his short poems and Haikus I really connected with. Tyler Knott Gregson.
It was his typewriter series that I loved, taking just a few minuites a day to type on his antique typewriter onto any scrap piece of paper lying around; an envelope, a ripped book and even monopoly money. And he hasn’t missed a day since starting.

Tyler Knott Gregson 2

Knott Gregson says ‘I love words more than any other art form. I think it’s the fact that everyone is given the same 26 letters and that all creativity comes from putting them together in different ways, forming them together in ways that feel beautiful or feel ugly or feel however you are trying to portray them feeling.’


He writes mainly about love and his reasons for it – ‘I think, and always have thought, that love is the reason we’re here. I think it’s the answer to the question as to why we are what we are. All kinds of love, romantic, platonic, familial, whatever, to give out love without any regard on getting it back…it’s the reason.’

If you like these poems, there are so many more at http://tylerknott.com

I’ve loved tapping away on our old typewriter this week. They are beautiful machines that bring back a warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia, perfect for writing your own love story. Get in touch if you’d love to write yours for your wedding day.

Have a great Valentines.
Lots of Love,
The Little Lending Co. x

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