Ok your a wedding guest. You’ve had the wedding breakfast, speeches are all done so whats next in those couple of hours before strutting your stuff on the dance floor?
Picture (if you can) a warm summers afternoon, a jam jar full of Pimms, guests all around you lazing on the grass as you catch up with old faces, and the kids, well they’re just getting up to mischief and running riot on all the sugar!….Afternoon entertainment for them is a must if not for the big kids too.

There has to be nothing better than an easy game of Dominoes in the Sun, or a round of croquet with some of the hens you met earlier at the hen weekend. I really believe that you can’t beat some traditional English Lawn games to fill that time up perfectly, and also create conversations and good banter between guests.

Mini Croquet

Nostalgic entertainment really brings people togehter, elders talking about days gone by bringing up magical childhood memories for them who end up sharing their stories of summer school sports days or games they used to have to waste long summer holidays. A perfect way for guests of all ages to engage. What more could you want than all your guests laughing along together as Grandad tries to remember his best Sack race technique or Uncle Gary showing how a game of croquet is actually played….

Giving your afternoon a little structure, a mini sports day if you like, could really make the most of those ‘lull’ hours. Try sack races and obstacle courses, egg and spoon race and perhaps a Tug-o-war competition with Hens V stags – imagine the brilliant photo opportunities!

Photography by Nick Ilott.

Photography by Nick Ilott.

Photography by Nick Ilott.

Photography by Nick Ilott.

Our games collection has been rapidly growing as we’ve been scavaging though the winter months to add more games that really evoke those warm fuzzy memories. This is our full list (End Feb 2014) :

Giant Wooden Jenga
Sack Race
Giant Noughts and Crosses
Wooden 4-in-a-row
Foam Dominoes
Wooden Skittles
Old fashioned skipping ropes
Mini Croquet
Old wooden tennis raquets

Since our last traditional games package was such a hit back in November on Facebook we’ve decided through March we’ll be offering an even bigger and better games package. You’ll need to keep an eye on our Facebook page as we’ll be letting you know just what to do on there!

The Little Lending Co. x

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