We got a just a little over excited when Tatum Reid contacted us about using our vintage bike for an engagement shoot in the city of Norwich.

Engagement shoots are becoming more popular for couples looking to celebrate their newly confirmed commitment to each other; a set of images that show the world just how much in love you are, what could be better? Lots of brides are also using the pictures as Save the Date cards for the big day too.

Talk to your photographer about a theme for the shoot, and incorporate some props and decor for focal point. We’re brimming with ideas to use some of our items on more engagement shoots!

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_9

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_16

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_27

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_28

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_53

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_31

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_43

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_45

Tatum is a wonderful photographer that we’ve got to know a little better over the last few weeks, she has such a warm, infectious personality to make you feel at ease and of course her amazing eye for detail to create timeless, striking images of your and your love. Take a look at more of her work here: http://www.tatumreid.com

The Little Lending Co. x

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