This bank holiday we’ve been thinking about getting away for a night or two and what better way than ‘Glamping’ in a beautiful bell tent. I am loving these for more relaxed accommodation, but still have all your ‘necessities’ to hand. We met Kate and her bell tents last year….

‘My name is Kate Southerland, married to Robin. We have 2 beautiful girls Ella and Lauren. We live in a quiet fishing village called Brancaster Staithe, which is situated on the beautiful North Norfolk coast.

This is our 2posh2pitch story.

It was my nephew’s christening and it was a 5 hour drive away from Norfolk. We decided to camp for the weekend. But just before we arrived, the heavens opened upon us. We decided to ditch the trailor and return later that night with my brother to help, as it takes 2 of us 45mins to put the tent up.Which is not easy when you have 2 young children. I thought to myself there has to be a easiar way.
Would’nt it be great if you could just turn up for your holiday and everything was there ready and waiting for you, in true glamping style.
So i decided to set up 2posh2pitch in Norfolk, so i could do just that.’

‘I researched bell tent hire on the North Norfolk coast. I couldnt find a company offering this service. So I decided to start up 2posh2pitch before someone else did!
Along the Coast road there arent that many hotels/b&bs. But there are alot of big houses with big gardens which could easily fit a bell tent for extra accommodation for guests/family coming to stay. There are also really good campsites that families can just turn up and 2posh2pitch will have there beautiful bell tent set up and ready to use with everything they would need for a camping holiday.’

‘Outdoor accommodation is really taking off as people want to be close to nature, breathe in the fresh air and sleep under the stars.

Our Tents sleep up to 6 on airbeds with matching bed linen, fairy lights, bunting, ipod docking station, rugs, pretty flowers, lanterns. Everything you could need for a sleepover you will never forget.’

Exciting future plans for 2posh2pitch are to move forward and build a strong small company. ‘Being good at something small is better than being bad at something big.’ say’s Kate.


Well what could be more romantic that a night cosying up around a fire, snuggled in a blanket and star gazing with your hubby-to-be, or even your first night as a married couple? Pop to Kate’s site for more info, if you’re a boho belle this is definitely a great idea for festival style weddings and laid-back family and friends sleep overs.

Go make some memories,
The Little Lending Co. x


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