….About a little girl with curly hair who grew up in the country, in a sleepy little Lincolnshire village. The little girl was a farmers daughter and had always loved helping her Dad with the jobs for as long as she can remember. There was always something to ‘help’ with.

part 1

Picking Daffodils in the spring and riddling potatoes into hessian sacks in the winter. But best of all we’re the summers. Long hazy days playing in the corn sheds or getting to ride in the combine or open air tractors and riding our old bikes up and down the lane. As the little girl got older she would help with flower bulb picking putting them into wooden farm trays in the school holidays and Dad would always give some pennies to buy new clothes with in town.

Have you guessed who the little girl is yet?

Growing up in the country was a great way to spend a childhood. A simple up-bringing surrounded by a hardworking ethic. When me and my sister weren’t helping on the farm we’d be at Grandmas house learning to play the piano and playing out in the paddock. I remember spending a whole day with Rosie picking all the dasies in the garden and putting them into Grandmas tin bath to save them from the lawnmower! Grandma saved them for a week.
part 3

It’s not surprising some of the items in the range are very personal to me; Grandmas big tin bath, the old hessian sacks for potatoes, the wooden bulb trays we’re all a big part of my upbringing. We used some of the items on our wedding day too and now I’m using things from Grandads farm to make my own living. It’s pretty special when I think of it like this. And what Dad doesn’t know is that I’ve coming home to raid the farm sheds again for more industrial bits and pieces!

Penny @ The Little Lending Co. x (Excuse the 90’s fashion)

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