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Yesterday, July 6th, we’d been married a year. We spent the day eating wedding cake with some of our friends and family. And drinking a lot of Pimms…
I don’t quite know where that year has gone but they say time flies when you are having fun. It was a day I absolutely adored and of course I married my best friend but getting married was also the start of my life changing and taking a completely new direction, and beginning to build my own little enterprise.

It’s probably not how I imagined our first married year to go and thought I’d see a bit more of my poor hubby – Little Lending has become part of my everyday life and almost my every thought. I read so many blogs about keeping the work/life balance right but when you are setting up a business its easy to creep back upstairs to the computer after dinner each night.

I’m not about to write a post on how to have the perfect marriage or be the perfect wife (that I aint!) but there are a few things that I try to do as much as I can and make time for my favourite…

– When ever the sun is shining at the weekend and all the deliveries are done we always make a trip to the beach and have a chippy tea. Spending time walking on the beach with no distractions and time to just talk is the best thing.
– Each night we always try to have dinner at the same time (even if one of us is working later) Some nights I even try to have dinner ready when he comes home! I’m sure my mother-in-law won’t believe that!
– I try to wake up enough to make sure I’ve given him a kiss before he leaves for work very early in the morning.
– Our Trips away to give us something to look forward to, booking in some quality time away from home and now the business is going to be awesome. This week is about stepping away from social media a little and emails and having a much needed break together. (You’ll still see a few Instagram pictures and some scheduled Facebook posts though.)

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Photography by Nick Illot Photography.

I may not say how grateful I am for his support enough but I know how much he has bitten his tongue putting up with Little Lending taking over our home and garage! So thank you Mr B, and heres to many more wonderful years ahead.

Going to finish with a little note from one of my all time favourite women, Dolly Parton.

Over and Out,
The Little Lending Co. x

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