This weekend, while the weather can’t make up its mind I thought would be the perfect time to share Charlotte from Lottie’s Florigami’s DIY Paper Flowers Bouquet tutorial for all you creative brides. It’s a super sweet keepsake for your big day. I love the idea of single stems as favours at each place setting or in a little jam jar as a cocktail stirrer but really, the options are endless.

So to start, Charlotte says 5 squares of paper are needed for 1 flower. This bouquet has 12 small flowers from 7cm squares, but can be altered depending on the size you require.

Photo 25-07-2014 14 08 02
-Start with 1 square piece of paper. Fold corner to corner & crease firmly with the open end facing away from you bring both bottom corners up to the top making a diamond.

Photo 25-07-2014 14 08 36
-Fold the centre edges in half to meet in line with the outer edges. This will create points that protrude from the diamond.

Photo 25-07-2014 14 09 33
-Open these folds & gently squash flat. Fold the tops down to the outer edge.

Photo 25-07-2014 14 09 59
-Fold the two outer edges back on themselves. Bringing the outer folds in gently nip to create a ‘loop’ this is one petal, repeat until you have 5 petals folded.

Photo 25-07-2014 14 10 34
Using a hot glue gun carefully place a thin line of glue along the folded edges, repeat with all petals.

Photo 25-07-2014 14 11 03
Again carefully place a line of glue along the complete petal, join each petal to the unit until 4 are stuck together. Glue the centre stem (florist wire or stick) in place. Glue the last petal in place & taa daa one flower complete!

Photo 25-07-2014 14 11 58
Now comes the fun part adding the centres, you can use buttons, pearls, jewels the choices are endless.

Photo 25-07-2014 14 13 21
Finnish the bouquet with ribbon to hide the wire stems and there you have it…

Don’t worry if you don’t quite have the patience to make a bouquet load, Charlotte makes these to order and you can get in touch here for a bespoke order.
Thanks for this fabulous DIY take over Charlotte! Do let us know how you get on brides-to-be!

Happy Crafting,
The Little Lending Co. x


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