Singing Ging Gang Goolie round the camp fire on Brownie Guide weekends we’re some of the best I’ve ever had. There was no better feeling of a cold nose but toasty toes as we all huddled together to drink warm cocoa before lights out.

Camping always conjures up wonderful memories and nothing brings people together like pitching in with the tent and collecting the fire wood. This has to be a pretty great way to spend one of the best weekends of your life too, right? Why have one wedding day when you can turn it into a 3 day camping fest.

I’ve been pinning a few Camping Wedding ideas for some time and just love the simplicity of it all. Let your surroundings make the statement and the people at your day be the focus.

Here’s just a few ways to pull together a Camp party, it’s pretty good time of year to make the most of these lingering warmer evenings too…

Image Via Etsy.
Nostalgic and traditional techniques are perfect from the start, these little wooden discs are the sweetest to tell everyone about your upcoming nuptials in the woods.

Image Via Off Beat Bride.
Signage from found wood and hand painted signs are necessary for your campsite. And don’t forget we offer this bespoke service too if you’re looking for something personal.

Image via Ruffled.
Home-made and pulled together to keep this look completely cool.

Image Via Wedding Chicks.
Serve Marshmallows on twigs for everyone to toast to their hearts content as the last of the sun sets.

Offering blankets for the evening will definatley pick up the Brownie points with guests. Our collection is getting out of control here at Little Lending HQ.

If you’re an über chilled out couple, let the guests cook their supper. Fresh and local produce with home rustic baked bread a plenty.

Image Via Frist Sight Daily.
Go all out on lighting with Old storm lanterns and lots of candlelight. Mis-paired and a grouped collections of primary and metals will give your campsite some pops amongst the greenery.

Image via
And when you’re ready you can just roll into your sleeping bags for a night under the stars. Totally romantic and remote.

So has this inspired you to dig our your thermos flask and test the waters with your loved ones for a weekend with nature?
We’d love to know.

The Little Lending Co. x

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