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Are you a Modern Bohemian? Do you love nothing more than walking bare foot on the beach collecting drift wood and pebbles for projects? Is your home full of colour and all a little bit ecclectic? Well then this ones for you.

I was asked by EDP BRIDES Norfolk and Suffolk magazine to set up a Summer tablescape for ‘A table of all seasons’ feature. I immediateley knew I wanted to create something textural with lots of natural elements incorporated; wood, metals, tin, stone, glass and feathers. It was a chance to create something fun and off-beat and show that DIY doesn’t need to cost the earth when you use items that are easily found or collected.


Beth Moseley Photography_Tables-20804

Our mini glass bottles we’re tied with brown string to chair backs and Brass coloured ribbon and a sprig of Eucalyptus was added to each bottle along with a tiny feather.

Beth Moseley Photography_Tables-20789

I took along some tiny pots of our Home-grown Succulents (which you can hire from us) and I screwed on a Brass door number to a piece of found wood. *Whole table number set coming soon to Our little range page*

Beth Moseley Photography_Tables-20785

White pebbles we’re collected from the beach and a gold pen used to hand write name settings, a simple, cost-effective but cool idea don’t you think?

Beth Moseley Photography_Tables-20768

Dip dyed napkins and table linen was something I’d been wanting to try for some time. And why pay a fortune when you can DIY.

I used a cotton/polyester mix fabric (100% cotton takes cold dye the best though.) Think about using other colours to white, I went with a biscuit beige contrasted with hot neon pink. Home dyeing is really easy, you just need a DYSON Cold dye packet, a bucket (or a stainless steal sink worked well in our case) some rubber gloves and salt. Follow the instructions on the packet to ensure the right quantities of salt to water with the dye.
To create the dip-dye look as we have, dip the fabric into the dye, about half way up worked well so you could see the colour change. We then pulled the fabric out a little more after 20 minutes or so leaving the end in the dye for the whole duration. The dye will naturally want to creep up the fabric anyway. Wash off the excess dye and hang to dry. Cut into napkins squares when dry. Hem the edges with a sewing machine if you prefer, although for this look I like the raw cut look.

I also love the idea of printed and patterned fabrics with dip dye effect for table linen too.

Beth Moseley Photography_Tables-20773

Brass candle sticks and coloured candles we’re paired up to add a little summer shine to the table and drift wood laid though the middle of the table.

Beth Moseley Photography_Tables-13670

The centre piece in a large tin can was created by The Country Garden Florist. The loose, colourful arrangement really helped create a Modern Bohemian feel. Bright orange rosa Julischka, Popping pink Veronica, Achillea Paprika and Anenomes in Mona Lisa blue we’re paired together. Movement was created though a mix of dark wiegela foliage and olive stems. Thistles and a central succulent were added for an eclectic, fresh finish.

Beth Moseley Photography_Tables-4

Are you adding some colour and boho cool to your wedding day tables?
Oh, if I could do it all again…

Stunning images by Beth Moseley Photography and Special thanks to The Country Garden Florist too.

Penny @ The Little Lending Co. x

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