Decorating your wedding can be expensive but we’ve pulled together these top 5 tips to really help free up the bucks for dresses, rings and honeymoon cocktails….Think ahead with your and details and you can really make some sizeable savings.


This is our biggest decor saving tip – if you aren’t working with what’s already there you’ll find yourself spending extra a £££ to create a look that could have been already in place. If you’re looking for a rustic laid back day the venue should represent that with bare brick barn walls and pretty pockets of outdoor space that you can use to your advantage with your decor – Filling cubby holes with tea lights and stringing lanterns from trees.

Made From Scratch.


What do you really want from your decor? Where do you want to create the most impact? Often wedding venues can be pretty big and daunting spaces to fill. Think about creating one space that you go all out for on your decor; the entrance, the ceremony aisle, the bar or the dance floor. You really don’t need to do it all. Less honestly is more sometimes with decor. Minimal styling is also so hot right now!
One top tip to make your venue look completely magical with a few £ would be tea lights in all your areas and leading from one area to the next – hundreds of tea lights! Your photos will be magical too.

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We’re huge fans of DIY, it’s personal and unique and can save fortunes if you’re a crafty bride. From stationery to favours you can really add some ‘you two’ into your day this way. You’d be surprised how many friends and family will come forward with fabric scraps, packs of card and cans of spray paint when you let them know about your decor projects.
But do a few sums first, when you start DIYing in bulk things can really add up and you might not be saving as much as you think.



It’s definatley worth really talking thorough your floral thoughts with your florist. Go for local and seasonal flowers. If you need the imported annenomes in July (Like me!) you’re going to have to pay for them. Ask about ‘filler’ flowers or foliage that’s cheaper against your more expensive blooms like peonies and roses. Why not think about re-using flowers from the church/ceremony into your decor again, by the entrance doors and food/cake displays. One way of spending less on flowers is having bigger tables at your venue for fewer centrepieces or opt for glass bottles or bud vases so you need fewer stems. You can also fill in with lanterns on your table tops or other non-floral props.
If you’re a DIY bride you might want to consider a course to learn how to do your own flowers for the day. Check out The Country Garden Florist locally to learn bouquets, button holes and more. Flowers can be brought through a local wholesaler, but it may take a while to find one that orders for the public and not just trade.


Call in the favours – it’s not what you know it’s who you know. Think about all your friends and families skills; a graphics guru, carpenter, calligrapher etc and use them to help create bespoke decor for your day, your way. They might be so happy to be involved that they offer to do it for you as a wedding gift. Ask your family if you can rummage in their garages, from old planks of wood to transform to half used tins of paint there could be some ‘junk’ you could save from buying.
If you are planning on buying any decor, think about it as an investment, if you will love and cherish it at home after the wedding then do it – if not and it will end up on Ebay really consider hiring your decor. It’s about 1/3 of the price to hire and you won’t have the hassle after the big day to shift it.
Hiring a planner can actually save you money too, they know how to haggle and have great relationships with local vendors to find you the best deals on your do.

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Hope you find these thrifty tips useful…
The Little Lending Co X

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