So it’s all pretty hectic over here right now, we’re in the midst of wedding season so each week we’re prepping props and decor, writing signage boards, loading and delivering goodies as well as replying to heaps of new enquiries for this year and next. I’m loving the buzz of it all already but does mean that I’m having a little less time on blog post planning…

Not only are we up to the usual lending we’re also dipping into a few creative shoots this month with some fantastic local talent. This week I’m squeezing in prep for a beautiful high end shoot at the beach, think of a beautiful nomad traveller bride riding her horse on the beach to meet her man for an isolated costal ceremony…It’s going to be stunning.

It’s really important when I plan shoots to make sure that all the suppliers involved have clear direction, much like your wedding suppliers for your wedding really. Pinterest is an amazing tool but once you can pin no more or that wedding scrap book is fit to burst, it’s time to nail some key images down for a really focused look for your day and that you can then print and save for all involved. As I’ve just finished my board for the shoot I thought I’d share it with you.


You don’t need a fancy program to create a mood board, just word or powerpoint to drag and drop images onto.

– Pick 3-4 key colours and a highlight, from your wedding party and colours through the venue.
– Select images that you have gone back to time again and literally love to make it onto the board.
– Use key a image from each area of your wedding design: a key dress silhouette, hair and make-up look, overall venue mood, place setting and table decor, flowers, maids and men, props and pretty…The images don’t need to be exactly right it’s just to give a direction your wedding is taking.
– Leave space around the images to breathe.
– Add in wedding stationery fonts for your text. Annotate as much as you need.
– There should be a flow across the board and be a clear mood expressed, e.g Classic elegance or Relaxed and Rustic…

Remember a moodboard should give the general feel of your day, it just gives an overall mood so don’t dump your scrap book by any means as you’ll still go back to this for meetings with specific suppliers but it will really help you two understand how you want the day to look and feel first too.

Keep your peepers on our IG and FB pages for snippets of the shoot on Monday.

Happy moodboarding,
The Little Lending Co. X

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