You guys must think I’m forever on photo shoots! Lately it feels like I am hopping from one to another and never get to show you the full results, just those little sneak peeks on our Instagram. So that’s why to feels great to share these shots from Tatum Reid Photography of a product shoot from the winter with G & T Typography.

2015 | GandT_Web150_©tatumreid.com

2015 | GandT_Web030_©tatumreid.com

2015 | GandT_Web005_©tatumreid.com

2015 | GandT_Web082_©tatumreid.com

We headed to a scrap yard, full of eerie charm and shot on old cars, fire engines and used derelict houses as a back drop. I took along my ladder and plank for one of the set ups.

2015 | GandT_Web086_©tatumreid.com

2015 | GandT_Web102_©tatumreid.com

2015 | GandT_Web117_©tatumreid.com

2015 | GandT_Web190_©tatumreid.com

2015 | GandT_Web136_©tatumreid.com

2015 | GandT_Web179_©tatumreid.com

We then headed to a forgotten little barn and filled with smaller props form the range to compliment the letters and shapes. From little wooden drawers, stoneware bottles, potted plants and lanterns I created little pockets of detail around those pretty awesome lights.

For the bigger set we used our trolley, small rug and hanging lamp shades to set the scene and popped in books and antlers for a cool, eclectic home feel contrasted against our industrial surrounds.

2015 | GandT_Web161_©tatumreid.com

2015 | GandT_Web174_©tatumreid.com

2015 | GandT_Web124_©tatumreid.com

2015 | GandT_Web138_©tatumreid.com

But our old vintage bike had to be my favourite and loved the mini polaroids from the shots of Georgie and Tim at G & T at the end.

Seriously though, head to G & T’s brand new site and put one in your basket.

2015 | GandT_Web156_©tatumreid.com

2015 | GandT_Web193_©tatumreid.com

Get in touch if you have unique products you’d love styled with our curiosities…

The Little Lending Co. x

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