OH BOY, I’m 30.

It’s here, I’m 30 on Friday. How?!

I’m not exactly ready to be 30; I still don’t have any kind of control over my own hair in humidity or wet weather, I frequently leave the house with my clothes inside out and I’ve never hosted a dinner party because all I would serve would be a ready-made pizza.

Little Lending Loves saved from Delectable Collectables

In life I’m really not ‘together’ in any way, and generally I ooze chaos. But then I take a look at my little company and realise I really am running my own business and it’s going OK. I mean, that’s a really big deal, totally grown up and comes with a whole heap of responsibilities and pressures. It’s been blooming brilliant and totally terrifying in equal measure but I have something I’m really proud of that I created. I get to get up every day excited about what I’m doing and building. And I guess you could say that being happy and driven every morning really is something to shout about as I roll into my third decade of life.

Sometimes I look at my girlfriends and they’re all doing so well with a ‘real career’ and wish I had some kind of structure, a pension, security… It’s easy to make comparisons, there’s so much crap out there on the internet about where and what you ‘should have’ achieved by the time you turn 30 but I’m going to just keep reminding myself that success is measured in happiness. When I take on a new wedding to style or hire to lend I’m filled with so much excitement and know that I have done that through putting myself and my work out there. There isn’t anything that compares to the feeling of creating your own livelihood.

Little Lending Loves saved from The Kitchen McCabe

Little lending loves saved from WGSN

Little Lending Loves saved from Gillian Stephens

Little Lending Loves saved from Bing Bang NYC

Little Lending Loves image via my-handwriting.com

I’ve learnt more than I ever thought I would about myself doing LL. I’ve had to grow in confidence and be brave when I didn’t feel it and just keep everything cool and calm on the outside. Walking into rooms full of wedding pro’s or a brand new venue to sell what I do still fills me with crazy fear but somehow I always come out and think ‘Girl, you did it.’ Little Lending has helped me develop personally in so many more ways than working for someone else ever could.

The images in this post are just a few things that have inspired me this week, they’re from a new ‘Little Loves’ board on Pinterst. Totally un-wedding related, just things I’m loving right now. The last quote sums it all up really.

So, this Friday, I think I’ll raise a glass to turning 30 and to all that the next chapter will bring. Until then, I’ve a list of books as long as my arm to get through that I ‘should have’ read already.

Oh, keep an eye on my IG too for a few birthday city break snaps. Over and out until next week.
Penny @ The Little Lending Co. X

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