MY 5 2018 GOALS.


New Years Resolutions. EUGH, nope I am really not going there this year. I am going to start this year a little bit differently, rather than resolutions and changes that just set you up to fail for me 2018 is about setting myself goals. Lovely big glowing goals that I can reach for.  I know we’re like half way through January but its taken a bit of time to work out what I’d like for this year.


So some of you might have spotted from my Instagram that I will be starting something brand new this year. Mentoring. WOAH. Its something I’ve wanted to do for quite a few months now. I have lots of amazing ladies in the wedding industry get in touch to ask how I’ve started LL and how I run LL on a day-to-day basis. Now is the time not be afraid of newness and expanding into a new area for myself and the biz. I love working with creative, likeminded women and I’m so looking forward to working with them passing on my own knowledge, mistakes and experiences. So excited to get rolling with this, keep your peepers on my IG, its where I’ll share more info soon.


Louise of Bloved Hive has always been there through the growth of LL. She got me thinking about a word of the year, mine is ‘Focused.’ This is for me to be really focused on who I am working with to grow LL and also moving my focus with more full styled set ups. I want to work with couples more closely and get to enjoy the process of designing weddings with them. This is when I am happiest.


I really want to make sure I keep collaborating and connecting with other suppliers in the industry. Hooking up and sharing inspiration and ideas with other women that inspire and motivate me is really important for my own momentum and drive.


This is something I hope to be with you, more open and honest on my social media. Sharing more of the person behind the pretty and the captions, it was lovely that so many of you recently on my IG stories wanted to see more of what goes on back here, so I’m going to aim to show you more of me and my LL life.


A weird goal, but I need to make sure I actually do a bit less this year. More time for me and my family is a must.


What are your 2018 goals? Love to hear your thoughts on how I can achieve some of these goals. Hope you’re 2018 has got off to the best start ever.

Penny x


Penny Maternity Shoot-55

So wow, I’ve not blogged in a long time, almost a year since our Della Joanie came along. Theres not really any other excuse than life being busy, like really busy. She’s been the biggest life changer ever. I had no idea what to expect with a new born and keeping the company running, but all I knew was that there HAD to be a way to make it work for me and us. LLCO is my livelihood, my love and my second baby.

I’m not going to sit here and say how easy its all been, in fact its really not been at all. Other than getting my head around being a mum and all that comes with that I needed to keep some head space for my passion and my lovely couples.

There have been some very dark days in all honesty, on the early months I was severely struggling with sleep deprivation (and some kind of weird sleep anxiety thing I still have, thats another beast!) but also trying to keep up with my inbox and that feeling of not letting people down. I barely took any maternity leave as there was lots to do managing the Most Curious Norwich wedding fair for the first time, and having no mat leave in hindsight was pretty bonkers but when an opportunity like MC Norwich comes along and is too perfect for you, you take it. That said, me having the fair and my Little Lenders helped me get back to feeling more ‘Penny’ quickly and not just a new mama.

So yep, Della still doesn’t sleep though and may not until she’s 7 at this rate! This is the hardest bit and was though the Summer on my big prep and set up days, running on nothing but Lucozade and Pain Au Chocolat’s from the garage.  I’ve really struggled with the other mums at Della’s baby clubs that have babies that sleep through and they are on a years maternity leave, I’ve felt so hard done by, doing it all but also feeling the guilt of not doing enough with Della. ( I’m kind of realising the working mum guilt actually never goes away  but I’m learning to be proud that Del will grow to see the little empire I’m building for us, and her future.)

There have been days where I’ve had no childcare and still needed to get an order prepped for a delivery that day and Della has been so grizzly I couldn’t put her down and  I arrived for a drop off 3 hours late. There is juggling, oh so much juggling, I swear being a mum with a home biz you’re balls are never down!

BUT, all that aside, I have had 115 Lenders through the Summer of 17 and set up or styled  22 of them. And you know what I’ve loved this year the most and weirdly it was my most organised year yet. I’m also now lucky that I get more Della days now than some other mums heading back to work after their mat leave. So take what you will from this, my tips/tricks on how I’m making my two dream jobs work together.

Penny Maternity Shoot-56


I am very lucky to have both of Dellas Nanny’s that are able to look after Della in the week. Usually my MIL will come over mid-morning so I can have breakfast and a bit of play time first and my husband often picks Del up after work. Or my mum will look after Della here, this is the best as I can work upstairs and lunch with them and get my Della fix when I need it. I know this can’t work for everyone but a good network of people to help out is invaluable.


Fairly obvious but week on week planning of what you ‘really need to achieve’ is the only way to go for me. Its amazing what I now get done in the Child-free hours I have. I have never been so productive! Prioritise and get ahead when you can will mean you can make the most of baby time.


‘Sleep when the baby sleeps’ – Everyone says that when you have a baby. I have had to have naps at 6pm sometimes just to get some sleep in to feel more together. I’m Ok with Della being with family for the morning at the weekend when there aren’t weddings to have a good lay in. Don’t try and do it all, listening to your bodes needs is so important.


Babies don’t really go to sleep early evening for a while (well ours didn’t) but I have made a cut off point for work now of 10pm. I’ve learnt the hard way by staying up late to catch up then being up with Del in the night. If you get into a really good routine at night for yourself and the baby it will only lead to a more organised you.


Accepting help on my house work this year has been the best decision ever. I’ve employed a lovely friends mum who helps here every week with the housework and prepping props for orders in the Summer. It’s been a game changer and the best money spent for the business too. I now have a pool of freelancers too I can all on for wedding set ups. Letting go of some control of the running of my little co. has been really good, all round.


On the days it’s you and the baby don’t set huge lists to get through. Della’s naps can be 10 minutes or 2 hours so its hard to know how productive I can be. A few urgent mails and calls answered can feel really satisfying to know you are ticking off a few items.


You might feel like all marketing structure has completely gone (believe me I would have loved to have blogged this year!) but keeping active during the first year on your social media shows you are still there for your couples. Even to share exciting inspiration or throwing back to previous work. Being active and consistent on Instagram has been the only way I could keep my presence online this year and social with my brides.


Now realising I hadn’t shared Della’s nursery on my blog. So here it is, (it really doesn’t look like this now!) shot by my gorgeous friend Darena Stoda.

Penny Maternity Shoot-1Penny Maternity Shoot-2Penny Maternity Shoot-3Penny Maternity Shoot-5Penny Maternity Shoot-6Penny Maternity Shoot-7Penny Maternity Shoot-8Penny Maternity Shoot-13Penny Maternity Shoot-15Penny Maternity Shoot-16Penny Maternity Shoot-19Penny Maternity Shoot-22Penny Maternity Shoot-23Penny Maternity Shoot-24Penny Maternity Shoot-27Penny Maternity Shoot-28Penny Maternity Shoot-29Penny Maternity Shoot-31Penny Maternity Shoot-32Penny Maternity Shoot-40Penny Maternity Shoot-43Penny Maternity Shoot-44Penny Maternity Shoot-45Penny Maternity Shoot-46Penny Maternity Shoot-48Penny Maternity Shoot-51Penny Maternity Shoot-74Penny Maternity Shoot-76Penny Maternity Shoot-77Penny Maternity Shoot-78Penny Maternity Shoot-80Penny Maternity Shoot-83Penny Maternity Shoot-84Penny Maternity Shoot-93Penny Maternity Shoot-95Penny Maternity Shoot-97


I’d love to hear from you if you are a new mum with a business at home, any other tips and tricks you can share with me for keeping a balance and getting more of a routine together.

I really want to thank you all for your amazing support this last year, I know emails have sometimes been received late and you’ve had to chase me up (not cool) but you’ve been such a brilliant bunch of humans; from my wedding supplier friends, the Godwick team, my MC Norwich people, new connections I’ve made in 2017 and of course my Little Lenders. I am grateful for you all, I hope you know.

Penny X


Well HELLO there! It’s been a while, if you haven’t seen my Instagram or Facebook you may not know I became a mummy to a gorgeous girl, Della Joanie, about 6 months ago now. I will be writing a post up about running my business with a babe and some of the huge changes that have taken shape behind the scenes but I thought it was about time to share some wedding inspiration with you, because that’s really what you’re here for, right? And this ones all about geometric shapes and clean lines, this look is not going away and is set to be pretty big for next year too.

So today we have a guest blog post from my new super super stylish assistant Laura of Rose and Weston fashion blog. We met when she helped me with the Most Curious Wedding fair in the Spring and was basically the biggest help ever. She just got what I was looking for and we clicked. You might even meet Laura on some styling set ups with me from time to time too.

Large Hexagon for hire. Image Camilla Andrea Photography.

I’m going to hand over to Laura now…
‘So when Penny exhibited some new amazing pieces at The Most Curious Wedding Fair a few months back, I knew she was on to yet another great styling idea that you brides-and-grooms-to-be need to see more of – Geometrics!

The emerging trend of bringing an ultra modern touch to your big days in the form of sharp lines and shapes is something I’ve spotted more and more of over on Pinterest too. From wedding stationary to lanterns, but most notably in the form of amazing ceremony structures and backdrops, the clean, minimalist lines styled alongside masses of fresh greenery gives a strikingly modern vibe yet at the same time still feels completely timeless and elegant.

Maybe you’re not wanting geometrics as a full theme across the wedding can pick and the beauty is choosing features to make it work for you… but just imagine brass faceted terrariums flickering with candles paired beautifully with the aged wood of the hexagonal backdrop, picked up again in elements including table numbers or place card settings, what’s not to love?

So if you’re wanting to explore the geometric trend have a look below for a few ways you can create this vibe…

CEREMONY OR TOP TABLE BACK DROPS: These paired back wooden shapes contrast beautifully with fresh florals and heavy greenery making the perfect eye catching focal point for your vows.

Image 100 layer cake.

Images sourced from Green Wedding Shoes.

Image via Wedding Colours

Image by Camilla Andrea, Hexagonal Structure available for hire.

BRASS TERRARIUMS: Faceted lanterns look perfect holding anything from florals, to succulents to candles, and can be placed as centre pieces on table tops, along the aisle or to decorate doorways and alcoves.

Available to hire in bulk from us. Enquire here.

Image via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.

STATIONERY AND SIGNAGE: An easy way to bring the whole day together is with uniform colours and geometric shapes across name cards, table plans and numbers and invitations. Add linear shapes and elements to signage and banners for added wows.

Image via Ruffled blog.

Image The Little Wedding Corner.

Is this a little bit of you? If you’re into clean, modern styling this could be the way to style your day.

Penny and Laura @ The Little Lending Co. x


I’m finally made some time to bring back one of our favourite shoots of last year to our little blog. One of the biggest collaborations back in May was with the super cool Festival Brides blog, I can’t tell you how much I loved working with this awesome UK wedding blog. Here’s how our white on white shoot came together….

bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-242final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-239final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-237final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-235final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-233final

The idea of a modern, simple white wedding has been something I’ve been obsessed with for a while. So many stunning white-on-white images we’re flooding my Pinterest and it had been on my radar for a while to work on something very minimal and play with the idea of layering all the whites. White symoblises purity; a cleanliness and innocence, it’s a stunning colour in its own right and if you’re looking for a minimal timeless palette for your wedding, just keep it easy with all white tones and a tonne of greenery to boot.


I was keen for all the suppliers involved to bring their creativity to the shoot, I really wanted to capture lots of subtle textures. I worked with the florists and talked about lots of white seasonal flowers, from big blossomy blooms to more modern leafy and whispy stems to really create something a little unruly, home-grown and wild on the flower front. Emma at Buns of Fun on the cakes made a trio of cakes, something we’d been thinking about for some time. I love the idea of a mix of textural finishes on the cake stacks and created a platform display for the 3 cakes. It made for some really interesting shots that were captured in the candle light.


bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-232final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-229final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-220final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-214final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-210final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-208final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-207final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-205final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-203final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-199final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-197final


Our table scape was draped with an organic white cotton muslin, and also had a spotty white net sheer fabric; they really helped create the base once rouched to nestle props among.

The stationery was super modern, clean and cool. It fitted into the table setting perfectly. Emma Jo also made the most delicate little paper fern leaves for the plates.


We went for 3 big backdrop set ups at the venue. A very soft chalky grey marble effect cotton backdrop. This was a DIY effort from myself before the shoot. Created by using a large cotton sheet, make sure its damp to start with, then using fabric paint that was watered down mixing black and white paints I created a type of cloud/marble effect with a large brush in super soft greys. Darker grey was used with a smaller brush to create outlines within the brush shapes. On the day we then used trailing clematis with pins onto the draped fabric for the ultimate romantic frame.


bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-196final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-195final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-194final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-193final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-190final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-189final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-185final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-183final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-179final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-177final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-170final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-167final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-161final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-154final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-151final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-148final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-145final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-144final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-143final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-139final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-133final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-129final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-127final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-122final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-114final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-112final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-110final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-106final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-103final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-102final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-99final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-96final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-92final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-89final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-83final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-79final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-76final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-72final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-69final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-60final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-58final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-57final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-48final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-46final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-45final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-44final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-42final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-41final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-40final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-36final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-29final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-26final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-24final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-22final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-19final bethmoseleyphotography_whiteonwhite-14final


The second backdrop was all from foraged branches and leaves. With Michelle from the florists we worked carefully into the walls of the barn with small pins again creating a frame work for the branches to lightly sit. We built it up almost to the top of the barn wall in one area. It was a stunning wild backdrop that gave the illusion of living plants growing inside.


The final backdrop was our Wallpaper from Graham and Brown taped and hung behind our table. We then white spray painted some fresh leaves and flower heads, these we’re then taped to the wall paper sporadically to create a 3D element and again creating more texture and shades of white against the crumbling painted exterior wall.


It was important to achieve something very uncomplicated, cool and fresh. You can be so much more creative with a simple palette because you start to think about other elements; the light, the texture and the tones and shapes that can be formed. Less is always so much more for me as a stylist. The key to the white-on-white look not being underwhelming is of course adding interest with the textures, using interesting cut glass tumblers or glazed ceramic plates on the tables. With an abundence of white candle light a white-on-white reception can be soothing and tranquil and totally breathtaking.

Concept & Styling: Festival Brides & The Little Lending Company
Photography: Beth Moseley
Venue: Fishley Hall
Wedding Dress & Bodysuit: ASOS
Two Piece: Otaduy
Jumpsuit: Free People
Florals: Swaffham Florist
Cakes: Buns Of Fun
Stationery: Emma Jo
Hair & Make-Up: Love Moi Make-Up
Wall Paper: Graham and Brown
Model: Chloe Manning




I am Darina Stoda Photography’s biggest fan. Ever since I met her back at my cousins wedding in 2013 I’ve basically been obsessed. And then you might have noticed we work quite a bit with the Swaffham and Fakenham florist sisters…So, when we all found out we we’re involved with Rachel and Lukes wedding it was all a bit too exciting.

Rachel had planned a home marquee wedding, I love a simple white canvas that can be transformed entirely. Through the use of lots of seasonal autumnal flora and fauna with pops of brighter colours of the candles in antique brass candlesticks this wedding was a dream. Centre piece flowers were in copper and brass vessels on the tables providing that timeless causal luxe look.

I ‘Lent-a-Hand‘ with setting up our pieces the day before, from the extended sweets ladder, vintage trolley and cake table dotting in extra stands and jars to make it a real statement feature. I love adding additional greenery and touches to our styled stations and the Swaffham girls always provide me with a few extra sprigs to finish the look.

I had wrote the table plan and cards sign too, and guests entered the marquee through our indoor wooden arch beautifully decorated with asymmetric floral arrangements. The evening photos are so romantic with a canopy of festoon lights high into the marquee ceiling.  I mean is there anything about this not to love?!































































Huge congrats to these lovely lenders, hope you’re loving married life R & L.

Penny @ The Little Lending Co. x



Literally one of the best perks of having this little company is the joy from seeing the professional pictures of our props set up and looking rad in their full wedding setting. It’s just the best.
These detail shots are from a late September wedding by JMA photography at Waxham Great Barn near the cost in South Norfolk.
















The table decor was a mix of bright florals by Swaffham Florists who filled our vintage brass vessels and bowls with a mix of seasonal flowers and succulents. Mixed with pineapples and retro travel postcards this rocked. You might just spy the off loose antler too. Ecclectic table props at its best.

The ceremony saw our indoor wooden arch with popping pink blooms and an aisle with persian pink rugs finished the look. I adore this against the soft textural barn brick walls.

Our drinks station with striped straws added some fun to the welcome drinks and we helped with some hand written signage for the welcome and order of the day too.

The awesome light up signs are by The Vintage Wedding sign company, who we’re also the bride and groom! Huge congrats to Nadine and Andrew, hope you are both loving married life.

Does this wedding float your boat? Are you throwing the rule book out the window for the ultimate in relaxed wedding decor?
Penny @ The Little Lending Company X



Ok, here I am at almost 39 weeks pregnant and feeling like a beached whale (yep, I am now fully one of those people who talks in weeks rather than months about their pregnancy) this picture by Darina Stoda Photography was taken a couple of weeks back now. I’m also one of those people who vowed never to put their baby belly on the internet (!) and will definitely not be filling my IG feed with baby spam….Hmmm. These pesky preggo hormones are really something, I just feel so darn proud of housing and growing a mini human and sometimes you guys may hear about it.

I’m filled with anticipation, anxiety and of course a tonne of excitement for baby B’s arrival but I also know that becoming a mum will take me away from Little Lending for a while.

I adore what I do and have loved building up my little company for the last 3 and a half years, but I need to be realistic too, my life is about to change massively. I’ve always been super active on social media and I really hope to keep posting all the inspo I find but the likeliness is that there are going to be a few gaps while we adjust. Your emails and enquiries may take a bit longer to get back to you on too, but if you’re already pencilled in the diary for styling or hire, please be assured you’ll be Little Lender this summer, or next. If you’re getting in touch for the first time we’re almost fully booked through from May-September now for 2017, but have good availability for this Autumn/Winter and we’re taking 2018 bookings too.

It will be the biggest juggling act of my life, but I will find a way to make it happen and still give all my couples the best service I can this coming season.

So this is just a little post to say, thank you so much for your patience and support. I’ll continue to do my best for you guys while enjoying this little life that’s currently kicking me in the ribs!

I have scheduled some content for the blog and our Facebook page though so be sure to check it out to keep those W-day ideas flowing.

See you on the flip side,
Penny @ The Little Lending Co. x


So I suddenly realised it’s been a while since I co-ordinated and styled this shoot, over a year in fact so it’s about time I shared it here after it’s been fabulously featured in Perfect Wedding Magazine, the new issue of Norfolk Brides magazine and on The Wedding Bazzar blog.









Dark, moody and full of casual opulence was the feeling I wanted to capture. Looking to darker palettes of charcoal greys, aubergine purples, deep reds and proving black is totally a wedding palette choice.

Highlights of brass and copper we’re used amidst the tablescape from the brass vessels and candlesticks to the back drop through modern geometric copper himmelli hanging shapes amongst a soft green foliage garland.

Deep purple with gold leaf macaroons we’re our favours set down on the place settings. Bowls of cut fruits and nuts we’re laid in little tarnished silver dishes for more opulent detailing with trailing silk ribbon through the tablescape.

The bridal looks we’re kept classic with fishtail silhouettes with lots of embellishment on the dresses but with modern styling of the accessories, from leather jackets to patent pointed shoes. The hair and make-up was also very modern with a slicked back low chignon for the hair and dark, moody eyes in smokey tones and plum lips. Who says you can’t go for a little drama on the big day with your bridal look?

A second look was then shot in a mini black sequined dress and black veil. White isn’t for all brides so it felt great to create something a little more daring but ultimately stunning, it would make for an amazing evening change.

Our guy wore a classic tux and also adorned a floral scarf rather than a traditional button hole. Suede brougues moderninsed our gents look.

A black forrest mix of colours and tones were used through the use of flowers, two tone burgundy Hydrangea, deep red tulips, dusky pink cymbidium orchids, burgundy dhalias, black baccara roses, white anemones, finisher, deep black/aubergine calla lillies, skimmia with eucalyptus, ferns and French ruscus within the table arrangement and bouquet.

The cake was designed to match in with the stunning array of rich coloured flowers and used the watercolor effect from the stationary as a backdrop on a plain white background. We wanted the cake to contrast with the rich, dark hues that were being used bringing in golds and coppers to add a touch of glamour.

Stationery was beautifully dark with subtle watercolour tones and a written modern calligraphy font. We created a hanging escort table plan using silk ribbon ties from a floral arrangement.

Details of cheese boards laid with dark chocolate and fruits and cocktail trolleys all add to the casual luxe vibes we wanted to create.





























All the suppliers and their details :

Venue : Unique Norfolk Weddings : Sedgedford hall.
INSTAGRAM : @sedgefordhallestate

Styling and Props: The Little Lending Company.
TWITTER : @littlelendingco
INSTAGRAM : @thelittlelendingco

Photography and Videography : DK Photography.
INSTAGRAM : @timedoylephotography

Florists : Swaffham Florists.
INSTAGRAM: @swaffhamflorist

Make-up Artist : Paula Daynes.
INSTAGRAM : @pauladaynesmakeup_artist

Hair : Chloe Khahil
INSTAGRAM : @clokhalil

Male Model : Laurence Kite
INSTAGRAM: @lkcreative

Female Model : Anna Konstantynowicz
INSTAGRAM : @anna____k

Cake : Amelie’s Kitchen.
INSTAGRAM : @amelieskitchen

Stationery : Natasha Linskill Design Studio.
INSTAGRAM : @natasha.linskill

Crockery, cutlery & Linen : CMA Hire.
INSTAGRAM – @cmahire

Macaroons : Nelsons Cottage Bakery.
INSTAGRAM : @nelsonscottagebakery

Bridal Dresses : Treasures, Kings Lynn.

Bridal Accessories : Tilly Thomas Lux.
INSTAGRAM : @Tillythomaslux

Male Suit : Goddards, Kings Lynn.
INSTAGRAM : @goddards_kingslynn

Are you daring to go dark with your wedding palette or bridal look?
Penny @ The Little Lending Co. X


So you’re styling your own wedding and looking to give it all the Pinterest worthy details you can? Then read on below with our tips for nailing all the W-day decor details that will make your day as magical as you imagined.

1. Group your decor. A tip I give to all of my couples for maximum impact. Sounds pretty simple, but but grouping lots of your decor pieces together or tripling the small details in a focal area you’re going to get a huge ‘WOW’ reaction over spacing it through the venue.

Image via Little Deer Florist.

2. Make the place settings pretty special. It can be costly if you’re adding lots of detail to each and every setting, but sometimes something personal for each guest or a simple fresh herb sprig tied to their menu choices shows you thought about them and their experience of your day.

Image source 100 Layer cake.

3. Prioritise your decor. You probably can’t have it all so don’t try. Go for the ‘cant-live-without’ focal impact piece but then work to your venues strengths for the other smaller decor details.

Image via Green Wedding shoes.

4. Pre-assemble as much as you can on your decor before the day before. Adding string to hanging decor, wrapping favours, grouping table names cards and writing signage can be done before arriving at your venue. It’s going to mean more time to chill to the max the night before.

Image via Wedding Playbook.

5. Keep continuity with your decor materials. I’m not saying stick to just one type of flower vessel and candle holder through the whole venue but if you have a key material or mix of materials then use them elsewhere from the tables onto the bar, cake table and beyond to keep your look consistent and thought through.

Image source 100 Layer Cake.

Styling your own day? Let us know if our tips will come in handy for your day-before set up plans.

If you’re hoping to do a bit more chilling the day before we’d love to help make it a breeze. More on our styling services here.

The Little Lending Co. x


I’m definitely still on a super high from The Most Unusual wedding fair at Godwick Barn last weekend…and still have a few new enquiries to catch up from all the gorgeous girls and gals that came to visit too. It was a fair full of inspo that was far from usual and I got behind the styling of it in a BIG way. I helped select the ‘Wild Bohemia’ theme of the fair and then set about creating it with Super sisters from Swaffham and Fakenham florists. From the outdoor ceremony area with our *Brand New* naked tipi structure to the interactive area and back drop.

Did you catch us on the Interactive area for our 2017 trends demo? HELLO if you we’re there, it was lovely to have you all listening in. I know it was a busy day so thought I’d drop the trends boars down here for a closer look if you were inspired by these new directions and they’re a little bit of you and your beau…


This one is for the free spirited brides and boys. Think barefoot aisle walking on a battered persian rugs through a meadow, paddock or woodland. Look to the natural, woods, wickers and linens. Choose dull brass vintage vessels and lanterns, and lots of candles in a mix of colours from maroon, mustard, soft pink and natural taupe colours. Add 70’s boho peacock chairs for a cool and cosy lounge area. Let the florals be wild, unruly and and asymmetrical and the food be totally seasonal and decadent with fresh berries and foliages.


Clean. Green. Structured. This is definitely one trend for the cool kids. Industrial, minimal vibes and not a flower in sight. An abundance of cheese plant leaves, ferns, cactus, succulents and other tropical inspired plants and fauna are all you need in a mix of glass vessels. Add a touch of 2017’s hottest metal; copper, and you’re all set. Fill terrariums for centre pieces and dot with candles in mixed holders. Festoon lighting is a must and playing with fun signage is all part of this trend, from old peg boards, ply wood, light boxes and neon written signs. Get creative with your words.


Timeless, feminine and with a causal luxurious feel. It’s an easy trend to take on board for your day; look at creating lots of texture through the foliage and floral choices and keep to a soft palette of nude, blush and soft olive greens. Lots of metallic golds and bronze will keep this romantic with all the candlelight you can bring. Reflections from mirrors and text on transparent surfaces feels new for this look. Use natural fabric drapes to create interesting backdrops or statement areas and embrace heavy flowing table linens in shades from the palette for the ultimate casual luxe look.

If you are looking for a little help with styling your day for 2017 or beyond drop us a note, we’re filling fast for key summer dates next year and taking a limited amount of sign writing for 2017 too.

Penny @ The Little Lending Co. X