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For those of us that have followed us for a while you’ll know we love a photoshoot. It’s a chance to get together with like minded people and get those creative juices flowing. And theres always a new prop buy I’ve been wanting to style up…

So last year Lolly at The Keeper and the Dell asked us if we’d like to be involved with a shoot over at her incredible venue. A chilled out, eclectic shoot with Norfolk’s coolest suppliers with all the love and glamour of a Mediterranean gathering to be a loose theme of the day. In Lolly from The Keeper and the Dell’s words, “Imagine an artistic/celebrity couple with a true eclectic edge, wanting to marry in crazy England but with a Mediterranean connection. Capturing the feel of photographer Tim Walker (but staying this side of crazy) with the glorious glamour feel of a Dolce & Gabbana family gathering.”

Well it was just that. Extravagant staging, boho styling, romantic motifs, bold colours, a powerful sense of family and above all, a strong editorial shooting style….

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kevfosterweddings 1000px_IMG_0144 (2)






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I loved mixing all the colour with this one, all the rules went out of the window creating something really eclectic and gave the nod to the Med we were looking for.

Supplier love :

Venue – The Keeper and the Dell
Styling and props – The Little Lending Co.
Stylists assistant – Ashlee Murrell
Photographers – Kev Foster and Camilla Andrea
Video – Capture Media
Florist – The Country Garden Florist
Catering – Florentina Events
Coffee Van – Crumpet & Trumpet
Light Up signs – Argent & Sable
Olive Trees & Plants – The Norfolk Olive Tree Co
Furniture & tableware – CMA Hire
Bridal Gown – Grace Loves Lace
Bridal two~piece – Daughter’s of Simone/Hearts a Flutter
Bridesmaids dresses – Asos
Floral headddresses – Bohemian Lovestory
Animal Headdresses – Animaleseque
Wedding Cars – Wedding Wheels~next~the~sea
Bar Set Up – Redwell Brewery
Bell Tents – Magical Camping
Wedding cake – BunsofFun
Stationers – Lucy Says I Do
HAIR – Sheree, Jackson, Jan at Millie Rose
MUA – Millie Rose
MUA – Leanne Maddock
MUA – Ellie Gibson
Models, Bride and Groom – Harry and Sophie
Best Man – Shamir
Bridesmaids – Ruby, Mabel, Izzie, MiMi, Abbie
Flower Girl – Manuela

Penny @ The Little Lending Co. X


You’re engaged and freaking out? You’re looking for a venue that has the WOW factor, you’ve not found ‘the dress’ despite going round 15 bridal shops, you’re still so far from finalising the menu and you can’t find a DJ that isn’t going to play YMCA and the birdie song…yep that’s wedding planning and trust me, it will all come good.

But please don’t let your wedding style be a problem.

Get back to you two, make some time at the start of your wedding planning to think about what you LOVE. Your life style and hobbies, favourite colours, fashion, interiors… Are you cool and chilled and love the idea of something a little off beat or have you always dreamed of dressing up and going glam for the big day? What’s your way of life, is your home full of eccentric, collected vintage pieces? If it is it should be part of your day. If you’re home is clean and minimal then don’t complicate a thing, that’s not you two.

Which of these wedding styles ticks your boxes?


Images via Wedding Party, Bridal & Green Wedding Shoes.


Images via, & Bridal and Magnolia


Images via, Wedding &


Images via, &

It’s a good thing to nail your wedding vibes at the start, don’t compromise yourselves just because you think that’s what you ‘should’ be doing. It’s the biggest mistake you can make.

The Little Lending Co. X


Today is the Day

So you have spent months researching, shopping, spending, planning & preparing and it all boils down to this one amazing day.

The dress is hanging beautifully ready for you, the cake is being set up at the venue, guests are starting their journeys, your bridesmaids are not yet awake – Today is the day.

This post has a few points of advice for brides-to-be ‘on the day’ written by a married lady who’s been through it and has got the ‘I GOT MARRIED AND SURVIVED’ T-shirt.

Before everyone wakes up I would just take a few minuets to take in how you are feeling on that really special morning, the adrenaline will be pumping more than on christmas morning already! Maybe take a selfie of your ‘excited’ face to really capture it – mines just ridiculous! I showed it to my man on honeymoon and still look back at it now. Its one of those feelings you’ll forever want to capture.

Next I’d say take a hot bath with some amazing fancy bubble bath (if it compliments the perfume you’ll be wearing, even better) it will really help you relax at the start of the day.

You probablly won’t feel like eating much (unless your like me – had a full brekky and cake before 10am!) but grab a banana or a cereal bar for a bit of energy as you’ll forget in all the madness later.

Take time for a glass of bubbles with your girls or mama before your house/room turns into picadilly circus.

Think about where you’d like your dress hanging photograph taken – I forgot this totally and ended up in front of the bathroom door!

Make sure you’re the first to have your hair done – leave alot more time that you think you need for hair and make-up if you’re doing it yourself. If you have a MUA relax and trust them.

You will probablly run late – thats ok, just don’t fret or panic about being late. You’ll get there when your ready and people expect it anyway.

Tell your mum you love her when you get into your dress – its a precious moment.

A few sprays of Rescue Rememdy in the car will help those last minuite nerves. My legs we’re like jelly but I felt weirdly calm and just too excited.

Kiss your dad before you go down the aisle, its a huge moment for them, giving you away.

Smile and take in those smiling faces as you walk up the aisle – its your moment to shine!

Remember to put some water in the car for after the service. A friend told me this advice and we forgot. This is now me passing this on to you – you will need a drink.

The only moment that I managed to sit and take in was sitting at the top table when our mums and dads we’re chatting and my groom was taking a quick picture on my phone (at my request as I wanted to have a picture to look at the next morning) As I sat facing out to all our most loved friends and family I can honestly say I have not felt happier in my life. I literally tried to breathe in that moment, to store in my heart forever.

So much of the day flys by – don’t sweat the small stuff that didn’t go right, just take in everyones smiling faces and happy comments for you both.

Take 15 minuites away from the day to create some camera magic that you’ll love in years to come. Take a minute to think about your wedding shots of ‘just you two’ with your photographer.

Savour the first dance and tell your man just how perfect it’s been.

Remember those people who were there at the end, dance wildly with them. Make it a hell of a night and forget trying to save the dress – you won’t be wearing it again!

Have an amazing day,
The Little Lending Co. x


Don't be so hard on yourself

As an ex-bride (Oh I wish I could be a bride every year) and having gone though all the planning myself I now know when things actually need to get booked.
There are lots of scary timelines out there, and yes if you love a venue or have your heart set on a photographer then I’d say get right onto it as soon as you can as they can get booked up to 2 years in advance…

But there are some things that really you do have a little more time to think about and research well and buy, beg, steal or borrow for the day!

Here’s our rough guide line for 12 months of planning. But i’ve known friends do it in 5 and planning a wedding day really does depend on the couple – if you’re super laid back then half a year may be too long but if you’ve been dreaming of this day since you we’re knee high you may want to take 2 years to get it just right and make the most of being a bride-to-be.

-Chat to your hubby-to-be about the type of day you’d like and start heading round some of the venues. You may have to compromise on your dream date if the wedding is looking pretty busy, or wait a little longer to marry just where you want.
-If your having a church wedding then make arrangements there. If the church isn’t in your parish you may need to speak to the vicar about joining the congregation for at least 6 months to be allowed to marry there if you have no other connections to the church.
-Start looking at photographers as soon as poss and get in touch to arrange meetings to see how they work and if you connect.
-Set that budget and start saving! (You will go over)
-Email caterers and get costings together for the food you’ll be wanting.

-Book the caterer.
-Ask your wedding party if they will do the honours; bridesmaids, best man, maid-of-honour and ushers. Might be a good time to ask family or friends if they’d like to read at the service too.
-Write the guest list!
-Send out save the date cards (if you we’re going to)
-Start looking for THE dress, try on as many as you need – the shops don’t mind, really.
-Research you cake maker, great to pop along to local wedding fairs to find some inspiration and try a few tasters!
-Think about the invites and stationery you’ll be needing.
-Wedding music/band/DJ’s, book them in!

-Book transport, not only for getting there but for getting back to the hotel too!
-Think about your decor and details at the ceremony and venue and the vibe you want to create for the day.
-Look for Bridesmaids and Groomsmens’ attire and accessories.
-Book your Honeymoon! Woop!
-Go to another dress fitting.
-Reserve your hotel for the wedding night.
-If you’re having hair and make-up done, find your pro now!
-Send out the invites. That’s when it will all feel very real.

-Buy the wedding rings
-Think about your wedding favours.
-Start the dreaded seating plan (it will change 100x’s before the day!)
-Finalise Table Decoration and Venue decor – Star to source or hire. (We’re happy to help for last minute detail if we have the items even with 3 weeks notice we can help!)

-Confirm the menu with caterers and rough run through of times for the day with them.
-Choose music for the ceremony and night, and that important First Dance!
-Confirm everything with your registrar.

-Stay off the do-nuts now as its last fitting time and picking up the dress!
-Run through with everyone involved in the day their roles and what they need to bring.
-Write your place settings up for the final seating plan – caterers and venues like a copy about now.

-Check all the details with all you suppliers and make sure they have full addresses and phone numbers. Pay anyone that hasn’t already been, the less hassle the week before the better.
-Practice your hair and make-up at least once.
-Buy your thankyou gifts for people that played a part to hand out on the day.

-Re-confirm times with the venue and co-ordinator.
-Have your run-though of the ceremony.
-Have a massage or really long bath and a large glass of wine. It’s about now everything starts to go 100 miles an hour. Take it all in, this is going to be the best week ever.

-Stay calm!
-Have your nails done.
-Set up the tables and decor at your venue, if anything needs to be put out in the morning show the caterer/co-orinator where things are to go.
-Try and get an early night or if not stay up and watch Bridesmaids with the girls.

I downloaded a checklist on my phone, there are some great free app’s out there and as my phone was rarely out of my hand it was perfect for checking things on the go or before bed.

There is alot to do and think about all for one day so from time to time forget about the ‘to do’ list and give your favourite a hug. If things don’t go to plan don’t beat yourself up – there will still be a beautiful wedding and thats what its all about.

Happy Planning,
The Little Lending Co. x