You know that saying, ‘One mans junk is another mans treasure’ – Yep, I live my life by that, you’ll often find me bottom up in a skip. And I rarely throw anything out too (you should see my drawers and cupboards at home, it drives the OH crazy!) Because I’m sure that one day I will need all 200 jam jar lids I’ve saved or will use the 15 pots of tester paints in the garage in some way…


But really, if your planning on being a DIY bride theres a few tips that are going to keep you quids in with just a little forward planning.


I know not all of you will have access to a Farmers yard full of goodies like myself. But I guarantee if you ask Dads, Grandads and friends of family to raid their garages and garden sheds I know there will be all manor of oddments to up-cycle and re-use for your big day. From odd planks of wood, old bike wheels and parts, ladders to flower pots and buckets. Half empty paint pots can work magic on old furniture or try hand-writing some signage of your own. Ask family to dig deep into the dustiest corners and you’re bound to find a gem or two, they’ll love that they were asked to be a part of the day too.

Oh, just because the ticket at the vintage/junk shop says £12.00 doesn’t mean you can’t get a little cheeky and go in at £10, really I do it all the time. Always ask if they can take something off the total if you’ve brought a few bits. No harm in asking right?


From the humble glass sauce bottle and jam jar, tin cans, wrapping paper and ribbons can easily be transformed into tea light holders to flower vessels or fun mini paper bunting from your old birthday cards. Theres so much you can do when you save every day items en mass and add a little imagination. Old t-shirts can be transformed into a knotted macrame plant hangers or pom poms from old holey knits. Painted wine bottles as candle holders and doubled up as table numbers, the opportunities for old tatt is endless!


Save everything. Like everything. Ask you friends to save too – scraps of old material; old linen and bedspreads can be made into cool chair pads and string bunting, re-dyed napkins or use cardboard cereal boxes spray painted to make simple table numbers. Let Pinterest lead you. Getting organised with your DIY projects can save you pounds – buying supplies in the sales may mean odd colours but if you’re up-cycling then it won’t matter. Bulk buys may have big discounts too.


Use natural treasure, from sticks to stones, wood and bark, it’s all free and easily transformed into something beautiful. Place name pebbles or turn them into favours with coloured paints. Wooden candle holders or DIY dream catchers from sticks, glitter dipped feathers…Just step outside.


Take average items and basically make them great, this is where you can make big impact and get big reactions from your guests. Balloons, a bad 80’s wedding decor cliche? Yep. But add some spray paint and glitter, dip dye them or even add tassel ties and strings with fresh flowers for a really neat DIY project that will have your guests in awe of your creativity and won’t have broke the bank.

To really save money through DIY though you need to be cool enough to know your wedding isn’t going to be complete matched perfection, it will be homespun and you need to be OK with mis-matched and even mixed up colour mashes. The more you are chilled about the overall laid-back look the more you’ll save. If you’re Ok with odd containers for flowers on each table and different coloured bunting patterns, you’ll make your DIY do a doodle.

All the DIY images here are via our DIY WEDDING Pinterest board, hit the link to find more neat and thrifty ideas and credits.

Are you going to DIY in a big way? Show us what you’re making….

The Little Lending Co. X



When I meet people in the wedding world that understand our little ethos of keeping things simple and easy then I know I have made Little Lending friends for life. The girls at Swaffham and Fakenham Florist always just get me and what I am looking to achieve. So when I wanted to try a little DIY floral table centre out it was, well, simple.

I know lots of you Little Lenders are into DIY in a big way for days so I wanted to share this little terracotta pot with twine table number with y’all. For the twine number I wrapped arround an existing cake topper I had at home but would be really simple to print off a large number as a template, glue onto thick card and stick onto a lolly pop or kebab stick for a quids in alternative. I knotted lengths of string off neatly at the back of the number, try to keep your string lengths short to make the looping quicker.

For the DIY FLOWER POT you will need :

Scissors, knife, soaked oasis (soak until the oasis natually drops) and a medium terracotta pot and cellophane if there is a hole or any cracks in the pot.

Flowers : Astilby, Sweet Avalanche Rose, Bridal Piano spray rose, White Veronica, Phlox.


Foliage : Thapsi green bell, Poplus, Asparagus Fern, Baby blue Eucalyptus.


// 1

Line the pot with cellophane (if required) Slice oasis down to size and place inside the pot leaving a 3cm lip above the top of the pot. Place your table number in the centre of the oasis.


// 2

Begin cutting down the foliage stems and working from the bottom place them into the oasis to create a base or edge. Mirror the placement of the stems around the oasis working diagonally too. Bring through height with the greenery moving up towards the table number evenly.


// 3

Next add in the filler flowers of Veronica and Asilby with the same concept as the greenery.


// 4

Focal flowers of the phlox, spray roses and sweet avalanche rose are then added. With using single heads at this stage try to keep the colours and weight balanced throughout.


// 5

Finally fill in with smaller buds, phlox heads and any small stems of foliage to ensure the oasis is all covered. Ta-da!



To give you a little guide to what this would cost, depending on seasonal availability and location, around £28.00 to buy the individual stems. Approx make up time for this centre piece is 15-20 minutes. Huge thanks to the Swaffham and Fakenham florists for this fab DIY.

Have fun DIY-er’s!
The Little Lending Co. x