Sometimes when I have an ideas for a styled shoot with our props I just don’t know if people will get it. And this was one of those shoots. I know that some brides might not be ready for mini deer sculls and cactus plants in their wedding styling but I think some of our Little Lending Brides might just roll with this….





I always wanted to offer something a little different in styling and this is exactly why I decided to style this shoot with our more ‘Alternative’ items in the range. My love for succulents and cactus just seems to grow lately and it was the perfect opportunity to showcase some of our little potted lovelies from The Little Lent Nursery that we have been busy potting and planting over the last few months.






And old rustic barn wall at Glebe Farm, Carlton Forehoe was the perfect backdrop for our ‘Green Party’ cake table. Terracotta pots full of our home-growns, earth ware and a whole lotta moss we’re brought to the table. This was one cake table styled with a difference. The wedding cake table is taking center stage and no longer are cakes just put in the corner on any spare table sitting on a silver cake board. Oh no! With this shoot we wanted to try something slightly different for the style-savvy and off-beat bride to ponder….

I was totally over the moon when Festival Brides blog featured the shoot and you can read more about how this dessert table came together with a perfect dream team of suppliers here. A huge thanks to The Little Party Company with their sweet treats, Buns of Fun for making a totally awesome retro Bundt cake and The Country Florist who brought that rad CAKE moss covered letters. Tatum Reid as ever with her photography magic and Love Toppings with their acrylic topper giving the cake a lot of cool.







With our slate tiles, glass cake stands and jars, milk churns, apple crates, mini lemonade bottles and old fashioned drinks dispensers all brought along to this shoot we can help create this fresh rustic look for your events and happy to liase with your caterer to help your vision come to life.

Are you planning a styled cake table, perhaps you like the idea of lots of cakes and deserts over the big traditional cake?

This shoot was also the perfect test for our ‘Styled stations’ that I have been mulling over for some time now. I have been busy collecting more props and pieces for wedding stations that can really make your days rock. There will be 3 main stations to start with ; Welcome Drinks station, Sweet Treats Station and Rustic Decor station. I really can’t wait to share these with you in the coming weeks once they have been photographed.

Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for sneaky set ups…

Penny @ The Little Lending Co. X


Summer is in our grasp, at last! (Well ignoring this soggy weekend, it is Bank Holiday after all)

I can’t wait for my first glass of Pimms and Lemonade in the Sunshine – it always tastes so good, and if served from a jam jar and drunk from a paper straw then I’m one happy girl.

PA (102)
(Photography by Nick Illot.)

The Welcome drink definitely is something that you can have a little fun with – Signature cocktails for couples are becoming more and more popular, from Flavoured Vodkas to Bourbon mixes its worth thinking about what and how you want to serve your first tipple with your loved ones.

We’ve introduced lots of items in our ‘Assorted Glass’ section of hire – Our 8.5 litre drinks dispensers, Mixed jam jars (We have over 150, so if you don’t eat enough Marmelade in time we’ve got your back), Vintage Milk bottles and Mini milk bottles for the little ones add a bit difference to those drinks. Not to mention old tin baths to fill with ice and bottled beers for the boys or if you really want to get tounges talking the Metal Trough would be perfect for the bubbles to be served from. We’re also super excited about our Mini ladders and wooden plank which is the perfect alternative bar that we previewed on Facebook last week.

PA (104)

Here’s just a few ideas we’re thought of to fill your jars with :

– Apple, Elderflower and Sloe Gin cocktail
– Peach Punch
– Watermelon and Vodka Spritzer
– Berry Daiquiri
– Cucumber and Lime Cordial

Can you think of any others? What would be your first choice?
Take a look at out Pinterest board with lots more ideas and ways to display your drinks.

To start you off here’s our tried and tested Classic home-made lemonade recipe for you to have a try of this BH weekend :


3 unwaxed lemons, roughly chopped
140g caster sugar
1l cold water

1. Tip the lemons, sugar and half the water into a food processor and blend until the lemon is finely chopped.

2. Pour the mixture into a sieve over a bowl, then press through as much juice as you can. Top up with the remaining water and serve with plain ice or frozen with slices of lemon and lime and fresh mint.

Have a great one,
The Little Lending Co. x