Country Cool Barn weddings still get me every time and this one is totally up our alley.

When Polly got in touch to start planning her day from all the way over in Australia I got just a little bit excited about some of the items she was adding to her ‘Little Lending’ basket, this was going to be gorgeous…And the pictures by Tori Hancock prove just that. Especially when she asked us to work on a set of blackboards with our modern calligraphy styled writing.

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-358 copy

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-386 copy

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-437 copy 2


Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-407 copy

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-393 copy

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-413 copy


Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-424 copy

I also did some calligraphy name cards for Polly and Rob so I’m really excited to be able to offer these if any of you needed them alongside any other written signage…

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-434 copy

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-463 copy

Home-made sweets station with our jars, mini polaroids for the guests wedding selfies and that epic cake on our log block.


Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-382 copy


Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-813 copy

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-395 copy

This wedding is so effortlessly stylish and I’m smitten.

Venue – Mildenhall, Suffolk.
Photogrpahy – Tori Hancock

The Little Lending Co. X


calligraphy8 copy

Since I can actually remember I have always loved writing. I mean like really loved writing. I would practice lines after school and actually enjoy it, my school notebooks would be immaculate and I’d be the slowest story writer for fear of having to use the ‘eraser pen’….I even won the schools handwriting cup aged 7. (One of my proudest moments)
I think it’s comes from my mums side, my Granddad had the most incredible, elaborate writing and some of you that follow me on Instagram might have noticed I recently inherited a calligraphy pen set that used to be his and so my lettering love has been re-born.

So when it came to me asking Santa for something I just knew had to join a Lamplighter London class to finally give my modern calligraphy urges a little more direction. I think it’s so important to develop your creative skills when you can, to be inspired by someone else’s passion and talent goes such a long way.




First thing was getting to grips with a new pointed pen, creating the thickness of the lines all comes from the pressure applied. I was splurging and blobbing through the paper for the first half an hour.



The alphabet scared me with all those swirls and curls, but starting off tracing helped a lot. Practice really does make (almost) perfect.



I found writing words the easiest, I could get more flow and seemed to be able to control the letter shaping more easily. I was on a roll.

calligraphy7 copy

I literally can’t wait to put what I have learnt into practice and start writing with a little less effort and a lot more beauty. I’ll be honest I’ve already been dipping my pen the last couple of nights. Hooked.

As some of you know we offer a chalkboard writing service for table plans, menus, order of the day’s, love quotes and more…
If you’d like us to help with something hand written for your W-day you can drop us a note here.

Huge thanks to Quill London and Chiara at Lamplighter London for a wonderful afternoon.
Penny @ The Little Lending Co. x