As the rise of organic and rustic plates moves into wedding food we’re getting just a little bit excited. What can be more tempting than wholesome, colourful fresh foods with an uber relaxed serving style. Introducing the ‘Rustic wedding picnic.’

Image via The Natural wedding Company

I’m head over heels for the idea of packing up old farm trays and crates full of delicious goodies. Easy finger food that everyone will love with posh crisps and artisan breads and chutneys could there be a better wedding breakfast?

Lay down rustic wooden boards and blocks with cured hams, hard cheeses, olives and seasoned crackers and you have a match made in heaven.
Image via 100 layer cakelet.

Why not serve fresh foccaia breads from the front of a bike basket for a little extra ‘Ooooh.’

picnic bike
Image Source Unknown.


Or try adding some nostalgia with little cardboard lunch boxes placed at tables. Personalise each box with a hand written name card or tie.

Image via wedding chicks.com

Brown Paper packages tied up with string, little details like this with wooden cutlery look divine. Ask guests to pick up a filled picnic basket and knitted blanket on the way in – Theres no seating plan to worry about.

If you’re really relaxed about your decor there are so many ideas for creating a paired back picnic space. Be fuss free with chopping boards, wooden planks, enamel dishes and pots. The more mixed and textural elements the better. Lay down some linen sheets and let your guests fall into the feel of the day. Glass stopper water bottles look perfect dotted through the tablescape filled with fresh infused water flavours and elderflower pop.

Think about creating some shade with a home-made tipi with vintage linen and crochet tied to long wooden sticks.

Image via Flickr.com

If you’re not quite sure about sitting on the floor in your sunday best then ask your caterer to create some large table platters and serving dishes. Self service only of course.

Image via darlingmagazine.org

If you’re thinking about a little entertainment for the evening you could always pop on a video of the service for those that might not have been there or a ‘highlights’ video of yours and your new hubby’s best bits through the months and years. Friends and Family will love seeing how the relationship has grown.

Image source 100 layer cake.

Are you feeling the rustic picnic trend? Oh hurry back Summer.
The Little Lending Co. x


I’m sure you’ve never sat and thought about turning an old bike wheel into a beautifully simple ceremony dream catcher back drop right? Well this may make you think on…

A DIY dreamy post for the boho bridal babes who are looking for something a little different for their back drops as they make those all important vows.


£7.00 to hire.

£7.00 to hire.

Our Bike wheel
White thin cotton tape/binding – Approx 2 meters
A mix of white cotton lace tapes and pompoms
White feathers
Gold Spray paint
Cotton or glue gun

1) Start by knotting off the end of the tape into the centre. Weave and wind in a circular pattern around the bike spokes. The more tape the more intricate this can be. (Beware of extra long strings as it does take a while to feed through each spoke. Tie off at the end onto a string. You could easily add more vertical strings that also knot onto the strings going around in a circle if you wanted.

2) Line up some features onto some newspaper. Take a piece of card and cover the ends. Spray gold spray paint onto the tips and allow to dry. Peel the feathers off the paper.

3) Add some tails of mixed laces and pom poms loosely tied on. Tuck the feathers under the string joins and secure with either hot glue or a little white cotton. You could plait strings or add feathers onto the tails to finish too. Could it be more simple?

wheel full

wheel close

wheel detail

wheel ties

wheel top

You could use this with yours and your fiancees names tied on to make more personal, turn into a boho table plan with names on cardboard cut feathers or as a photo back drop for guests strung in the trees.

You can hire the bike wheel for just £7.00 and can drop us a line here.

Fancy DIYing this? Do show us your results,
The Little Lending Co. x


It’s time to reveal our Sweetest Station now available for hire. If you don’t want to put your cake in the corner this ones for you…

Sweet Treat stations are so of the now, and we’re loving the idea of mixing up the treats in store for your wedding guests. From the ladder and plank base to the little mini drawers and crate this is a suitably styled station base for relaxed wedding delights.


Our Sweet Treats station includes : 2 X mini ladders and plank, Large Apple crate and mini wooden drawers, Large white china cake stand (11.5″ base), Lid topped glass cake stand, 2 x Vintage glass bowls, 3 x Metal sweet scoops and 3x metal sweet tongs, 3 X Vintage glass cake stands, 6 X mixed sized sweet jars, 5 X Mini vintage class bottles (for flowers) and our Hand painted Sweets sign with wooden pole. (Please note : Flowers and Treats are not included)




Hired out individually this would be over £90.00 but this stylish station can be yours for £60.00 – Plus we’ll do all the leg work of delivering and setting out at your venue in your desired spot. (Delivery and collection charges apply)



You can drop us a line here if you’d like to know more about Sweet Treats station and the ins and outs of hire.

Photography by our favourites at DS Photography.

Now where’s that cake…
The Little Lending Co. x


Singing Ging Gang Goolie round the camp fire on Brownie Guide weekends we’re some of the best I’ve ever had. There was no better feeling of a cold nose but toasty toes as we all huddled together to drink warm cocoa before lights out.

Camping always conjures up wonderful memories and nothing brings people together like pitching in with the tent and collecting the fire wood. This has to be a pretty great way to spend one of the best weekends of your life too, right? Why have one wedding day when you can turn it into a 3 day camping fest.

I’ve been pinning a few Camping Wedding ideas for some time and just love the simplicity of it all. Let your surroundings make the statement and the people at your day be the focus.

Here’s just a few ways to pull together a Camp party, it’s pretty good time of year to make the most of these lingering warmer evenings too…

Image Via Etsy.
Nostalgic and traditional techniques are perfect from the start, these little wooden discs are the sweetest to tell everyone about your upcoming nuptials in the woods.

Image Via Off Beat Bride.
Signage from found wood and hand painted signs are necessary for your campsite. And don’t forget we offer this bespoke service too if you’re looking for something personal.

Image via Ruffled.
Home-made and pulled together to keep this look completely cool.

Image Via Wedding Chicks.
Serve Marshmallows on twigs for everyone to toast to their hearts content as the last of the sun sets.

Offering blankets for the evening will definatley pick up the Brownie points with guests. Our collection is getting out of control here at Little Lending HQ.

If you’re an über chilled out couple, let the guests cook their supper. Fresh and local produce with home rustic baked bread a plenty.

Image Via Frist Sight Daily.
Go all out on lighting with Old storm lanterns and lots of candlelight. Mis-paired and a grouped collections of primary and metals will give your campsite some pops amongst the greenery.

Image via Wandering.tv
And when you’re ready you can just roll into your sleeping bags for a night under the stars. Totally romantic and remote.

So has this inspired you to dig our your thermos flask and test the waters with your loved ones for a weekend with nature?
We’d love to know.

The Little Lending Co. x



I can’t quite believe it’s been a year since starting this Little adventure. I almost don’t recognise it from 12 months ago. Today feels good, I mean really good. Its still just so exciting to think I have created this from scratch.

This post may get a little soppy and gushy but there are just a few people that have been there to help me along the way I must mention.

I’ve made some pretty awesome supplier wedding friends already, Tatum Reid Photography has been so encouraging of my little vision of offering something more alternative to the local wedding scene. Donna at The Country Garden Florist I just gel with and we seem to be on the same page with our collaborations, Darena of DS Photography has taken some beautiful images in our styled shoots, Emma at Buns of Fun and Laura of Betty’s beauty, Charlotte of Lotties Florigami, Georgina Suzanne MUA have all been just lovely to work with…I could go on and on.
It’s been a total pleasure to find such passionate and supportive women in this industry who just want to create and inspire like me. So here is a little quote for you ladies, ‘It’s more amazing what we can accomplish when we’re in it together.’ Don’t you think?

There are a few beautiful venues too that have sent a few little lenders our way and this has not gone un-noticed, The Red Barn, Godwick Great Barn and Narborough Hall Gardens. So thankyou.

To the blogs that have featured us, thank you so much for sharing our work – Festival Brides with our Woodland Picnic shoot and The Green Party dessert table shoot, B.Loved shared our work on Rustic Glamour and A Modern Fairytale, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings our To the Manor Born shoot and Coco Wedding Venues our Beautiful Boudoir shoot giving us a ‘Loved by Coco’ post which made my heart burst with pride to think our little company is loved by industry pros. It has given me so much confidence in my styling and concepts to see my ideas shared has given my some of the biggest smiles in this last year knowing lots of excited brides-to-be will have seen them and will want to re-create it for their own days.

It’s not been a walk in the park, I’ve made mistakes and sometimes it’s blooming hard going but when I start to doubt myself I know I have my husband right there at my side picking me up and carrying me emotionally though this brilliant journey of running my own company. My two lovely lots of parents also have to be mentioned because there is so much behind the scenes stuff they’re doing day in day out. (Don’t worry I’m not blabbing just yet!)

Then of course there are you guys, our blog readers, our Facebook followers, fellow Instagrammers, Pinners and Tweeters. Everyone comment is read and so gratefully received. And lastly our Little Lenders themselves who have made this first year pretty incredible…we’ve already delivered to over 50 weddings in the last year and have lots more to come this summer! So thank you, we have loved being a part of your days with our little lends.

We’ve got a whole lot more planned for this next year and I just can’t wait to get stuck in…after I devour this cake that is.

So finally, Follow your dreams – I am just a girl who decided to give it a go and here I am doing something I adore everyday.
Penny @ The Little Lending Co. x


Summer is in our grasp, at last! (Well ignoring this soggy weekend, it is Bank Holiday after all)

I can’t wait for my first glass of Pimms and Lemonade in the Sunshine – it always tastes so good, and if served from a jam jar and drunk from a paper straw then I’m one happy girl.

PA (102)
(Photography by Nick Illot.)

The Welcome drink definitely is something that you can have a little fun with – Signature cocktails for couples are becoming more and more popular, from Flavoured Vodkas to Bourbon mixes its worth thinking about what and how you want to serve your first tipple with your loved ones.

We’ve introduced lots of items in our ‘Assorted Glass’ section of hire – Our 8.5 litre drinks dispensers, Mixed jam jars (We have over 150, so if you don’t eat enough Marmelade in time we’ve got your back), Vintage Milk bottles and Mini milk bottles for the little ones add a bit difference to those drinks. Not to mention old tin baths to fill with ice and bottled beers for the boys or if you really want to get tounges talking the Metal Trough would be perfect for the bubbles to be served from. We’re also super excited about our Mini ladders and wooden plank which is the perfect alternative bar that we previewed on Facebook last week.

PA (104)

Here’s just a few ideas we’re thought of to fill your jars with :

– Apple, Elderflower and Sloe Gin cocktail
– Peach Punch
– Watermelon and Vodka Spritzer
– Berry Daiquiri
– Cucumber and Lime Cordial

Can you think of any others? What would be your first choice?
Take a look at out Pinterest board with lots more ideas and ways to display your drinks.

To start you off here’s our tried and tested Classic home-made lemonade recipe for you to have a try of this BH weekend :


3 unwaxed lemons, roughly chopped
140g caster sugar
1l cold water

1. Tip the lemons, sugar and half the water into a food processor and blend until the lemon is finely chopped.

2. Pour the mixture into a sieve over a bowl, then press through as much juice as you can. Top up with the remaining water and serve with plain ice or frozen with slices of lemon and lime and fresh mint.

Have a great one,
The Little Lending Co. x


Thinking about your table centres can be a bit of a headache, so don’t give yourself one. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know my mantra is always ‘Less is More.’

Keep. It. Simple.

Some of the best table centres are left to a wonderful array of fresh, unruly flowers and foliage doing all the hard work. Clear glass jars and bottles or a mix of metal tins and terracotta pots sat on a log slice can just be enough for an understated stylish centerpiece. Add some tealights or old lanterns in the evening and nothing else can be as timeless.









If you’re looking for a little more easy table center inspiration take a look at our Pinterest Board for alot more colour palettes and themed ideas to peruse over a lunchtime cuppa.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re looking for simple table centre details….
The Little Lending Co. x


When photographer Tatum Reid asked me to be a part of her Rustic Fairytale styled I got super excited when I saw her previous styled shoots. Such beautiful natural work with really exciting ideas and vision. She was calling in some brilliant local suppliers to work on the shoot too, from origami flower making experts Lottie’s Florigami to Local bridal dress designers Sophie and Smith and make-up artist Georgina Suzanne so knew this was going to be pretty special.

You can read more about the direction and inspiration of our ‘A Modern Fairytale’ shoot on B.loved wedding blog and we talk about the decor and how we styled up the two different tablescapes for the shoot. http://www.blovedweddings.com/a-modern-fairytale

I loved being a part of this shoot and got a little over-excited to be featured on another UK wedding blog with our little company. Here are some of my favourites of the shoot that Tatum captured so perfectly.




















Would love to know what you think of our shoot at Hales Hall.

Hope you find some inspiration for your own day!
The Little Lending Co. x


We got a just a little over excited when Tatum Reid contacted us about using our vintage bike for an engagement shoot in the city of Norwich.

Engagement shoots are becoming more popular for couples looking to celebrate their newly confirmed commitment to each other; a set of images that show the world just how much in love you are, what could be better? Lots of brides are also using the pictures as Save the Date cards for the big day too.

Talk to your photographer about a theme for the shoot, and incorporate some props and decor for focal point. We’re brimming with ideas to use some of our items on more engagement shoots!

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_9

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_16

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_27

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_28

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_53

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_31

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_43

2014_Tatum Reid Photography_45

Tatum is a wonderful photographer that we’ve got to know a little better over the last few weeks, she has such a warm, infectious personality to make you feel at ease and of course her amazing eye for detail to create timeless, striking images of your and your love. Take a look at more of her work here: http://www.tatumreid.com

The Little Lending Co. x


Photography by Nick Ilott.

Photography by Nick Ilott.

Well as the year draws to a close, its always good to look back and reflect on highs, lows and all the in-betweens – Your achievements, accomplishments and just how far your’ve come.

It was just 5 months ago that I married my favourite man in a beautiful Norfolk church and then had the best afternoon in the summer sun: afternoon tea and then an evening dancing the night away with our nearest and dearest. A dream day for us both. I love the precious pictures and video we hold of the day, each time I go through them or watch again I’m filled with the warm emotion I felt that day, not to mention the nervous excitement and adrenaline I felt when I walked up the aisle.
2013 will always have a special place in my heart for this very reason. I’ll always remember that day as one I would give anything to live again but I’ve loved being a married woman and starting our life together and talking about our dreams and hopes for the future. Belonging is a wonderful feeling.

But it was also a year of loss. I said goodbye to a inspiring, kind and incredible man in my life – my granddad. He was defiantly the one that gave me my vivid imagination and taught me to dream big and be happy in life – but most importantly to laugh. I’ve truly felt the warmth of my family and friends more than ever when he passed and just lets me know they are always there. He was there to watch me marry my A, and know he was proud he made it to be a part of our day.

A big highlight this year was my hen do in Brighton – 13 hens piled into a small house in the lanes. We had alot of fun playing games and drinking in the evenings. Dancing with knickers on my head was never something I thought I’d achieve this year!

The year seems to have flown by for me. Pre-wedding was super busy planning for the big day – cutting, sewing, researching, designing, sticking, and and of course all those emotions brides-to-be go through leading up to their day. Its all very surreal and just didn’t feel like the day was ever going to come. I couldn’t believe it was going to be me.

And the 2nd half of the year, after a super fancy honey moon in St. Lucia, was all about setting up The Little Lending Co.

When I got home (with a great tan!) I just knew I wanted to set up this little hire company with everything I had brought and made while wedding planning. I found it hard to find simple, rustic and timeless pieces locally for our day and really wanted to help other brides in the area to find and bring their ideas to life.

I wanted to get going very quickly and soon I had a name, Facebook page, twitter, instagram and pinterest. I took a little longer to get the branding and logo set but once they were I started this blog/website to show the products I had and also some easy and effective wedding DIY ideas, thoughts and advice from a now old married woman!

I booked myself into some local wedding fairs which gave me the deadline I needed to be ready for the brides and grooms with flyers and cards and lots of style ideas. It really has been wonderful to meet so many excited and enthusiastic brides looking for something a little different, or those who have found us online and loved what we have to offer, and is just making me know its been the right decision setting up The Little Lending Co.

We have been welcomed into the wedding industry by some great local suppliers, companies and venues. I’ve enjoyed meeting and working with like-minded creatives looking to offer something a little unique and more relaxed in the world of wedding decor. And I’m so excited about more collaborations next year.

We’d also like to thank the local press that have featured us, and now national too! We have had some fantastic coverage and really thrilled to have such a great response in our first few months.

At The Little Lending Co. we know just how precious weddings and special events are to the people involved. I’ve realised this last few months just how passionate I am about creating timeless, beautiful days full of visuals for people to get excited about, through sourcing the county for props and accessories to use and inspire others with ideas that leave the ordinary behind.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you who have supported us in the first part of our journey with The Little Lending Co. we really are feeling the love. Please continue to share and spread the word into 2014.

Wishing you all a fabulous festive time and a great start to 2014.
The Little Lending Co. x