Making your wedding different doesn’t mean you need to be totally mad and off the wall with your ideas. It’s just thinking about the things that make you two happiest as a couple.

Image via Nouba wedding blog.

Image via Nouba wedding blog.

What makes you two tick?
Let your world and your loves in life inspire your day. Don’t go changing what you love in real life just to make an ‘ideal’ wedding.
Take inspiration from what you do together; places you spend your Summers, music you dance to, art exhibitions you’ve loved, films you’ve laughed at, a poem that hangs in your home, a book you quote to each other, a person that inspires you, colours in your home…you get the gist.

Think outside the wedding box.
During the planning process keep a notebook and your camera with you at all times. This might sound obvious but you never know when inspiration will strike. You might hear a song lyric you’d love written up for a backdrop or you might see an incredible street artist with the perfect coloured pants for the grooms men…

Images via She is Magic Tumblr + Green wedding

Step away from Pinterest.
Be inspired by who you are not by what others have done. It’s all too easy to get inspired by those pretty pins and want to do it just like they have. I’m a big Pinterest fan, use it but always let yourselves shape the day and the final design.

Bring a bit of yourselves to the reception.
Bring items you love from home to dress your venue, let your current obsessions in interior decor become part of the decor. Take inspiration from your hobbies. Think about using your nicknames if you’re not too worried about formalities. If there’s something you both own that everyone knows you for it should totally make the wedding decor.

Images via + Intimate

Get family and friends involved.
Friends and family will love being asked to get involved. Ask your family what they have tucked in garages and lofts, it’s bound to be a talking point on the day too. If you love looking back, maybe you have some old nostalgia tucked away that can be pulled out for the big day?

Let planning your wedding be a personal as possible, after all it’s all about the joining of two hearts and two families.

Penny @ The Little Lending Co. X


Ever wanted to try a DIY that would totally transform your wedding into the realms of really flipping cool? Do not move.
Wether you’re looking for a boho backdrop for the ceremony or something rad to hang behind the cake table this is just spot on. It’s so beautifully bohemian and completely on trend.

IMG_9135 copy

IMG_9128 copy

IMG_9131 copy

IMG_9133 copy

I met the lovely Betina on the styling for Most Curious Wedding fair, we dressed the catwalk in a Palm Springs theme. Mid-centrury furniture, crochet hanging panels, plastic flamingoes and bright rugs…but it was this hanging macrame from Betina I could not stop ogling over.

This is not a quick DIY, so be a little patient as it’s totally worth every minuite knotting. I’m going to hand over to Betina who writes the most gorgeous interiors blog; Frida + Florentina. To make this lots simpler Betina has colour coded the strings in an easy step-by-step guide. Give it a go why don’t you…

IMG_9107 copy copy

1. Tie four strands together.

IMG_9110 copy

2. Take the outer right strand (green) and pass it to the left side over the other middle two strands. Take the outer left strand (blue) and pass it underneath the green strand, behind the middle strands, and over the green strand on the other side.

IMG_9111 copy-2

3. Pull the two strands tight. Now you just reverse what you did in the first step.

IMG_9114 copy

4. Repeat steps 1-3 with four more strands to make another knot right next to your first knot. Bring the two rightmost strands of the first knot to make a new group with the leftmost two strands of the second knot.

IMG_9115 copy

5. Repeat your basic knot with the new group by taking the outer right strand (pink) and passing it to the left side over the middle two strands. Take the outer left strand (purple) and pass it underneath the pink strand, behind the middle strands, and over the pink strand on the other side.

IMG_9118 copy

6. Pull the two strands tight. Now reverse the first step.

IMG_9120 copy

7. Divide the middle group of strands by moving the two leftmost strands left and the two rightmost strands right. Repeat the basic knot with both the groups and continue this process until you have done as many rows as you would like.

Well how did you go?…Got yourself hooked on neatly knotting?

Snap of the catwalk at #AMCWF with the hanging backdrop sat along side hanging ferns and spider plants. Perfection.
Photography by Seahaze Photography.

We’re talking sweetly to Betina about her creating a bespoke hanging macrame piece for our range if DIY isn’t your bag. We urge you to watch this space.
Huge thanks to Betina for this rad tutorial, for more wonderfully colourful interiors and DIY ideas head to her blog –

Happy Knotting,
The Little Lending Co. x