Being a unique, stylish couple can be the biggest blessing but also the biggest curse. Knowing what you want for your day feels so amazing, but along the way there will always be a little bit of compromise; from finding amazing decor pieces which are never ‘just up the road’ or are completely unaffordable to venue restrictions and family just not getting what you’re trying to achieve.

Doughnut Lab : Uber cool local Norfolk company with Doughnuts to die for!

Getting your day, your way can feel like climbing a giant mountain. Don’t get disheartened, work out what’s truly important and a must-have for the day and put your efforts into making it a reality. I truly believe having a group of perfect wedding suppliers that have your back makes the whole thing so much easier. But how do you find them?!…

– Smaller, cooler and on-point suppliers can take some finding; don’t stop on page 1 of google, keep scrolling and using different search terms. Depending on your style or what you’re looking for, there’s always more than one way to search : Prop hire, Wedding decor, Event hire, Venue decor…

– Go social and search Instagram # and get really specific with those tag searches. Try searching more local tags to you e.g ‘#NorfolkWedding’, ‘NorwichWedding’ or # your local venues name to see who’s been there. I found our wedding DJ’s on Instagram through a photographers page who had commented on their photo, it really works!

– Facebook stalk, I mean really stalk! Look at pages liked by the pages you have liked already, be sure to get notifications from your favourite suppliers as collaborations they work on with local wedding folk could be right up your street.

– Check out cool wedding fair supplier lists : The Most Curious Fair’s directory is amazing for a pool of local, cool suppliers. Godwick Barn’s wedding fair in the Autumn also boasts some really quirky wedding suppliers too.

– Talk to suppliers you have booked for their recommendations. If you’re clicking with a supplier you’ve booked it’s more than likely you’ll have lots in common and they’ll know a heap of other suppliers you’d love. I’m always happy to help our couples stuck in a search rut.

– Just please don’t rush into booking a supplier out of desperation! Check them out across all their social sites, FB, IG, Pinterest and Twitter to see if you’re on the same page. When you get your suppliers right it will be a total joy and a breeze.

Dust with Cocoa : Creative local cake company that we’re crushin’ on.

(Both the pictured suppliers are going to be at The Most Curious wedding fair in Norwich on the 20th March next month, we’re so flipping’ excited about this show. Be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram as plans and prep take shape!)

How is your supplier search going?
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You’re engaged and freaking out? You’re looking for a venue that has the WOW factor, you’ve not found ‘the dress’ despite going round 15 bridal shops, you’re still so far from finalising the menu and you can’t find a DJ that isn’t going to play YMCA and the birdie song…yep that’s wedding planning and trust me, it will all come good.

But please don’t let your wedding style be a problem.

Get back to you two, make some time at the start of your wedding planning to think about what you LOVE. Your life style and hobbies, favourite colours, fashion, interiors… Are you cool and chilled and love the idea of something a little off beat or have you always dreamed of dressing up and going glam for the big day? What’s your way of life, is your home full of eccentric, collected vintage pieces? If it is it should be part of your day. If you’re home is clean and minimal then don’t complicate a thing, that’s not you two.

Which of these wedding styles ticks your boxes?


Images via Wedding Party, Bridal & Green Wedding Shoes.


Images via, & Bridal and Magnolia


Images via, Wedding &


Images via, &

It’s a good thing to nail your wedding vibes at the start, don’t compromise yourselves just because you think that’s what you ‘should’ be doing. It’s the biggest mistake you can make.

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So we all have an image when we think of a ‘white wedding’ right; traditional big fluffy white dress, men in stiff suits and matching pink cravats and maybe a fancy rolls royce to take the wedding party to church. Bleugh.

I had what I’d call a ‘white wedding’ and there was none of that. I am a bit of a traditionalist at heart so for me I knew I’d always marry in white though.

Here’s what I think a white wedding should represent in 2015: A simplicity, a purity and a new beginning. No fuss, just easy bridal style and timelessly cool, chic decor.

I’m totally into White as a colour and how it can have so many layers and textures. White on white is a big theme for weddings this year and I can’t get enough. Uncomplicated, clean and modern is the only way white weddings should be heading.

Georgia Young Couture | Melbourne bridal designer

Georgia Young Couture | Melbourne bridal designer

Image via Green Wedding Shoes.

Image source Bridal Musings.

‘Simplicity is the key, white and greens in the flowers, timelessly cool by bringing in up to date styling, for example wooden table boxes or new glass vessels.’ Michelle at Swaffham and Fakenham Florists.

Image via Wedding Sparrow.

Image credit – Amyosaba.

Jessica Lorren | Snippet & Ink

Jessica Lorren | Snippet & Ink

‘A white wedding is an abundance of fresh cool tonal whites in a natural setting, a crisp white iced cake with a frothy tide of eau de nil florals, organic whisps of floaty fabrics in rinsed chalky colours. Timelessly cool whether using lace, crochet or georgette, white being associated with purity, simplicity and innocence.’ Emma at Buns of Fun.

Image source Magnolia Rouge.

Image Frosted Petticoat.

Really, you get to be so much more creative with keeping to a simple palette; bringing in more textures and light from the ceremony right though to the table tops. As always folks, less is so much more and here in white, super duper stylish and looks so damn fine in photographs for years to come.

What does a white wedding mean to you? We’ve a whole heap of white on white ideas on our ‘White Wedding‘ Pin board.

Penny @ The Little Lending Co. X


Hoping this post doesn’t come across as me trying to teach you to suck eggs. But I know I’ve lost hours to Pinterest when all I wanted to do was pin a few table number ideas. It took me a while to realise how vast Pinterest really is and I shouldn’t just be following my Facebook friends on there if I’m going to use it to plan the big W-day…

So you need to go in with a plan, well at least a list of categories you’re looking for inspiration in. Don’t just head to the home page and free pin, this is where you’ll have find yourself with a new board of cute animals and dinner recipes and 3 hours later you’ve got nowhere. I like to create a separate little board for each big category – CEREMONY, VENUE DECOR, DRESSES & ACCESSORIES, THE BOYS… Then within those you have sub-categories written down too : Table plan, table centres, table numbers etc…


Writing ‘wedding table ideas’ into the search bar is not a good idea, you’ll start scrolling uncontrollably. Get specific: what style table decor, colour, materials, centre pieces or place settings etc? Try something like ‘Colourful flowers rustic wood wedding table centre pieces’. This is going to get you the right pins, fast. Use Pinterest’s suggested add on words. A little bit cliche but words like ‘hipster’, ‘cool’ and ‘alternative’ work to find pins that are a little off the beaten track.


Install the easy pin button on your computer and pin from your favourite wedding blog websites. Start following those brands and bloggers on Pinterest. Theres a few blogs and companies I pin from almost daily : Festival Brides, Wedding Sparrow, 100 Layercake, Coco Wedding Venues, Green Wedding shoes, Junebug Weddings…Be sure to check out who they are following too you’ll find lots more people to follow and your home feed will never look so good.


Don’t pin bad pins, keep the pins the best you can find. We showed you How to create a Wedding Moodboard last week on the blog so if all your pins are stunning and you can’t stop staring they need to make the cut.

Invite your wedding suppliers to join your wedding Pinterest boards. More and more brides are getting into this and some of our brides we’re helping with styling for are also happy for me to pin and add ideas in too. Two heads are always better than one right?


Be ruthless, like Simon Cowell ruthless to get your pin boards down from 100 pinned lighting ideas to just 5. It could be good to pull all those favourite final pins that have made the cut onto one board that’s much easier to view.

Don’t forget to come pin with me, I’m literally addicted and you’ll find loads of brilliantly different wedding inspiration here > and you’ll find our Pin of the week over on Facebook too.

Image credits : Style me Pretty and Wedding Chicks.

Happy Pinning,
Penny @ The Little Lending Co. x


Decorating your wedding can be expensive but we’ve pulled together these top 5 tips to really help free up the bucks for dresses, rings and honeymoon cocktails….Think ahead with your and details and you can really make some sizeable savings.


This is our biggest decor saving tip – if you aren’t working with what’s already there you’ll find yourself spending extra a £££ to create a look that could have been already in place. If you’re looking for a rustic laid back day the venue should represent that with bare brick barn walls and pretty pockets of outdoor space that you can use to your advantage with your decor – Filling cubby holes with tea lights and stringing lanterns from trees.

Made From Scratch.


What do you really want from your decor? Where do you want to create the most impact? Often wedding venues can be pretty big and daunting spaces to fill. Think about creating one space that you go all out for on your decor; the entrance, the ceremony aisle, the bar or the dance floor. You really don’t need to do it all. Less honestly is more sometimes with decor. Minimal styling is also so hot right now!
One top tip to make your venue look completely magical with a few £ would be tea lights in all your areas and leading from one area to the next – hundreds of tea lights! Your photos will be magical too.

Ruffled Blog


We’re huge fans of DIY, it’s personal and unique and can save fortunes if you’re a crafty bride. From stationery to favours you can really add some ‘you two’ into your day this way. You’d be surprised how many friends and family will come forward with fabric scraps, packs of card and cans of spray paint when you let them know about your decor projects.
But do a few sums first, when you start DIYing in bulk things can really add up and you might not be saving as much as you think.



It’s definatley worth really talking thorough your floral thoughts with your florist. Go for local and seasonal flowers. If you need the imported annenomes in July (Like me!) you’re going to have to pay for them. Ask about ‘filler’ flowers or foliage that’s cheaper against your more expensive blooms like peonies and roses. Why not think about re-using flowers from the church/ceremony into your decor again, by the entrance doors and food/cake displays. One way of spending less on flowers is having bigger tables at your venue for fewer centrepieces or opt for glass bottles or bud vases so you need fewer stems. You can also fill in with lanterns on your table tops or other non-floral props.
If you’re a DIY bride you might want to consider a course to learn how to do your own flowers for the day. Check out The Country Garden Florist locally to learn bouquets, button holes and more. Flowers can be brought through a local wholesaler, but it may take a while to find one that orders for the public and not just trade.


Call in the favours – it’s not what you know it’s who you know. Think about all your friends and families skills; a graphics guru, carpenter, calligrapher etc and use them to help create bespoke decor for your day, your way. They might be so happy to be involved that they offer to do it for you as a wedding gift. Ask your family if you can rummage in their garages, from old planks of wood to transform to half used tins of paint there could be some ‘junk’ you could save from buying.
If you are planning on buying any decor, think about it as an investment, if you will love and cherish it at home after the wedding then do it – if not and it will end up on Ebay really consider hiring your decor. It’s about 1/3 of the price to hire and you won’t have the hassle after the big day to shift it.
Hiring a planner can actually save you money too, they know how to haggle and have great relationships with local vendors to find you the best deals on your do.

Green Wedding

Hope you find these thrifty tips useful…
The Little Lending Co X


UP. That’s the way you want your guests to be looking if all these hanging decor delights we’ve been collecting are anything to go by. Let me tell you now, this is going to be a huge deal in 2015. String it up, Tie it up, knot it up, rig it up…Just get it up! There’s a few ways you can go with these new hanging get-ups, from a green dream to up-lighting those spaces. Just follow our simple guide and you can’t go wrong.


Wild, un-structured and fresh. Instant cool achieved by throwing some oversized foliage and stems together, bunched for a cylindrical effect or fastened to a suspended branch way above your table tops. It’s best to go with fishing wire, metal ‘S’ hooks or copper wire for a more polished finish. We just adore the moss covered wire lampshades for something a little more whimsical here too.

To add practicality to the proceedings hang rustic buckets below the floral piece and use as wine coolers. Neat huh? Thread through some festoon lighting and you’ve nailed it through from day to dusk.


Image source Green wedding shoes.

Sandra Oster

Image via Green Wedding Shoes.


From collecting your jam jars and tying with lengths of string to cutting your nans curtains into strips it’s all about a home-spun vibe here. We’re loopy for the latest DIY craze of macrame knotted designs, they’re a little more time consuming than some DIY’s but totally worth every knotted minute. *DIY tutorial coming soon* Finish by tucking in colourful floral filled terracotta pots or fresh succulents in abundance.

Dried flowers are becoming ever more popular, save yours in the airing cupboard and hand bind together in bunches for a rustic touch. If you can’t create suspension from your venue ceiling then try creating a frame to stand on your table to hang from. There is never one way to skin a cat folks. But which ever way you go getting yourself to Hobby Craft is a must for this look.

Image via Inspired by this.

Style me pretty.

Image source The wedding chicks.

At home in



Suspended light is beyond beautiful, I love the subtle jam jars and tea lights for a simplistic touch, or tapered candles to create something more formal.

Nowhere to hang lights from at your venue? No problem. Just use what’s already there, dressing up your chandleries could not be easier. (You might need to talk very sweetly into your venues ears for some of these ideas, they might not be happy with their original period lighting fixtures being played with or the idea of you being 30 feet in the air at their venue and firmly wear their heath and safety hat on this. Do talk ideas through before you book anything with your florist.)

Green wedding shoes.

Image source Style Me

Image via Elizabeth Anne Designs.

Style me pretty.


Go bold or go home. Yep, go for impact and you’ve got yourself a winning statement floral focal point. Try loosely tied driftwood pieces or filled metal lanterns. Create a large wooden shape with free space inside or one huge instillation for maximum WOW’s.

The wire grids filled with tulips is just plain brilliant. Go a little off piste and use old bike wheels as a starting point. The possibility is endless….


Image source Style Me

Style Me

Photography by Rebecca Yale Photography, Inc.
Image via Wedding

Are you thinking about rigging something up for your day? Do you have a florist that’s unbelievably talented to help with some of these big ideas?
Oh please let us in on your epic plans….

The Little Lending Co. X


So if you’re anything like me you won’t be able to contain yourself when it comes to the decor and styling of your day. I absolutely loved that part (hence setting up this little company.)
But theres quite a few things I wish I’d know before I started my wedding styling mission and so I’ve put together this A-Z guide for a quick look at just what it’s going to take.


Creating a brilliant, buzzing atmosphere is the ultimate achievement for any wedding day. Think about adding in lots of your personality and some good old fashioned quirk; through sentimental signage, alternative guest books or a cracking cake topper with something a little off the wall. Guests will enjoy all the fun details and really get into the spirit of your day.


A little bit of pretty goes a long way on a wedding day. Personally not into really girly colours and cute, twee details so adding some pretty through floral accents was the way I added my pretty. Pockets of florals on table plans and on props will make all the difference.

Artfully Wed.


Having a colour scheme in mind can really help to pull everything together. Right from sending your Save The Date cards, to bridesmaid dress colour and flower arrangements. Even if you just have a favourite object you both love at home, a pattern or print just keep it with you while planning and out shopping – you never know when inspiration may strike.


Make a list of all the areas that could be potentially styled at your venue. The Bar, Food stations, Cards/Gifts, Entrance and Ceremony aisle and work out where you’d like to make the most impact. Adding little pockets of detail to other areas like Welcome signage and order of the day boards, the dance floor and even the toilets will make your day something to shout about.

Image via Ruffled Blog.


It really will take up a lot of your free time, evenings, weekends and sometimes you can feel that the wedding decor is consuming your every thought. (And boys, this might start to craze you when every conversation is about the W-day) but just know that it’s worth every ounce of effort.


Call in the favours, keeping in budget is all about begging, borrowing and sometimes yes even stealing what ever you can. (I remember rummaging in abandoned skips!) The same goes with skill sets crafty Carpenter friends, Aspiring artists, Budding Florists…Use who you know. Most people will love being asked to be involved in the day.


We’ve posted before about food displays in our Make your wedding decor Rock blog. It’s really thinking over (or having a pin session) on how you can add some interest.

Image source Green Wedding Shoes.


There are some AWESOME DIY tutorials on the internet, and make for personality in a truck load, but just be aware of the time it can all take. Don’t commit to too much before the big day, if the 1,000 origami paper cranes are only 100 don’t sweat it, you did your best.

Image via Ruffled Blog.


One of the hardest points of wedding styling is making those initial decisions about the day you want. Sit down with your fiancee and think about you two, your loves and style. Picking out the venue and the type of day you want your guests to have will really help things fall into place. Working out if you’re going to be walking bare foot through a meadow to a tipi ceremony or you’d much prefer an English stately house to sip Pimms in the garden can be one of the hardest decisions through all the planning. I love Coco wedding venues concept of choosing your venue through 6 of their style categories, Bohemian Beats, Rustic Romance, Costal Cool….Go for a gander, it’s great.


Juggling wedding planning around life can be pretty tough at times. Have a look at our handy timeline and find out what really needs to be done when. Styling elements really are one of the last things to think about believe it or not (even though I know you started pinning table centres as soon as he popped the question.)


Make the most of the whole day on the site dressing your venue. Basically, it takes longer than you think. Take a packed lunch and plenty of drinks too if you’re in the middle of no-where, nothing worse than loosing a couple of hours to search out food. Try to really think about what you’ll need on site.


Again this is one of the key elements that will really set the mood for the day. Feature lighting displays and oodles of candle light just makes everything more magical. We can’t recommend enough adding lights outside for when the sun dips, candles in hanging jars, festoons or strings from the trees, it’s totally worth it.

Style Me Pretty.


Keep a list of all the suppliers and contacts and when their payment is due, if you can pay suppliers off early it’s going to make it much less complicated than on the day payments. It’s the last thing you want to be worrying about (even if the Usher is sorting this for you, because lets face it, after a few Jagerbomb’s he’s not going to know where that cheque for the DJ is!)

So, did you find Part 1 helpful? What are you finding challenging with your decor styling details? Drop us an email at – we’d be more than happy to help with any dilemmas.

See you soon for Part 2.
The Little Lending Co. x


As soon as I met Alex and Ben I instantly knew their village fete themed wedding was going to be a little bit gorgeous. Just a beautiful pair of people brimming with ideas to make their day a whole lot of fun.

The pair picked food that was all served outside from stone-baked Pizza to fresh crepes and ice-cream for afters, this would definatley set that laid-back and low-key feel they we’re looking for.

It was a total pleasure to supply them with some of our most loved pieces from the range to help create a vintage and rustic decor feel for their outdoor , country day.


Alex just looked gorgeous in her dress found in a local dress shop customised with a string of delicate embellishment accross her back and beautiful vintage inspired headband by Melissa Morgan Designs. The flowers we’re by Swaffham and Fakenham Florists and I just adore those pastels and the textured and movement through the bouquet hand tied with ribbons and lace.












Our tin bath stored the beers for the boys on an up-turned farm tray. Alex and Ben went for simple vintage touches through the decor; our stacked suitcases to keep the cards, milk churns and the cutest painted little wooden letters on the top table. But it had to be the hay bale sofa den covered in our white and coloured crochet blankets that steals the show! Totally Amazing.







We lent some traditional wooden garden games and vintage bike to keep guests entertained. I love how Alex and Ben used the bike to take a little time out of their busy day for a few photographs by the donkey. This is the perfect prop to create some timeless shots to treasure.

The food carts looked fab as the sun started to dip. An informal wedding breakfast was also served for the main wedding party in their marquee. It was the first time we’d written on our chalkboard and easel for their table plan too.

Are you thinking of having food carts at your wedding? What would be your food preference?















A big thankyou to Katie Ingram Photography for all the images and to Alex and Ben for sharing their special day with our readers and Little Lenders.

Wishing you both every happiness in your future together.

Penny @ The Little Lending Co. x


With the arrival of Jack frost this week and a chill in the air that seems to have set in we’re looking to winter wedding themes and to all those classic colours we just adore for chilly climates.

From crisp winter whites, forest greens, deep aubergine and berry reds with just a glistening of gold it’s a perfect, timless palette that evokes a magical, romantic feeling from somewhere deep within like no other time of year. A classic combination which has an easy elegance. Be careful not to go too Christmassy and this is set to be perfection. Pair back your palette with some frosted foliage and black berries to keep it casual.

Cold noses and toes warming by up together after coming in from winters bitter bite, I can totally see the appeal of winter wedlock.

Image via

Image source

Image via

Light up the dark night with some soft and welcoming lighting. Use white church candles in brass candle sticks placed with jam jar filled tea lights to create little nooks of warm light.

Image via

Stacked and dusted cakes dressed with rosemary and winter berries is the perfect way of taking the summers biggest ‘Naked’ cake trend into winter months.

Image via

Classic winter florals and berries, fragrant red blooms. Wild and whimsical for an un-done beauty. This is a striking and strong floral look that will stand the test of time long after Santa’s been and you’ve eaten the last of the yule log.

Image source

Image via

Still completely obsessed with hanging lighting features (and this is going to be huge well into 2015) this wire frame with loosely tied branches and candles makes for an alternative decor piece to really draw the eye. Above a top table or as a ceremony focus it’s got winner all over it for a winter day.

Image Source

Dot some antlers through your table scape or make them a feature through your venue for some serious cool. *DIY Antler table plan coming soon on the blog*

Image via

For more inspiration you can pop to our ‘Winter Wedlock’ Pinterest board here.

Are you planning a dreamy white winter wedding this month? I say Let it Snow!
The Little Lending Co. x


My names Penny and I’m addicted to Instagram.

You’ll find me late night scrolling and searching on that Explore button. I just can’t help myself – So much wedding style and inspiration at my finger tips. The dresses, the rings, the venues and of course the details and decor.

There are a few IGers I follow and adore and regularly find my self sighing at their magical pics so I thought I’d pull them all together for you lot to see just how awesome they are. From wedding bloggers, magazine editors, other decor hire companies and photographers I am sure this list have you running for your Search buttons.

#1 First up its Signs of Wear. An Australian hire company that has so much charm and charisma with its eclectic mix of props. It’s a treasure hunters dream IG and if you’re looking for alternative ideas this is definitely for you.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.03.32

#2 Festival Brides. A really Rad account from the ladies at who share some seriously fab wedding days full of spirit and festival fun.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.07.59

#3 Coco Wedding Venues. A firm favourite of ours with images of Emmas beautiful wedding venues from her stylish directory and snippets of Coco HQ and Gatsby the dog.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.29.59

#4 Nouba Blog. Another blog with some blooming great ideas for your day.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.17.36

#5 Butcher Baker Stylist. A uber cool hire company that’s given us lots of inspiration over the weeks. Some seriously super styling ideas.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.11.01

#6 B.Loved blog. Dreamy and Delicious ideas and styling from one of the UK’s top wedding blogs.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.39.38

#7 Notes on Non-Terrifying weddings. Really rad ideas and images for the non-traditional bride. I’m in love!

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.41.27

#8 LOHO Bride. League of Her Own bridal CA company steals our hearts every time. Etherial and Bohemian.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.36.34

#9 Danielle Benbow. Met this lovely lady recently and adore her easy and simplistic take on Photography. A local too so be sure to check out her website if you’re still in search for your day.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.38.41

#10 Lace and Likes. More wedding styling that you can shake a stick at.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.42.41

And of course if you want to keep up to date with all things Little Lending you can find us here. Please note – Cat photos are sometimes posted.

Are you an Insta-Addict like us? Oh do tell…

Penny @ The Little Lending Co. x