As the rise of organic and rustic plates moves into wedding food we’re getting just a little bit excited. What can be more tempting than wholesome, colourful fresh foods with an uber relaxed serving style. Introducing the ‘Rustic wedding picnic.’

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I’m head over heels for the idea of packing up old farm trays and crates full of delicious goodies. Easy finger food that everyone will love with posh crisps and artisan breads and chutneys could there be a better wedding breakfast?

Lay down rustic wooden boards and blocks with cured hams, hard cheeses, olives and seasoned crackers and you have a match made in heaven.
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Why not serve fresh foccaia breads from the front of a bike basket for a little extra ‘Ooooh.’

picnic bike
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Or try adding some nostalgia with little cardboard lunch boxes placed at tables. Personalise each box with a hand written name card or tie.

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Brown Paper packages tied up with string, little details like this with wooden cutlery look divine. Ask guests to pick up a filled picnic basket and knitted blanket on the way in – Theres no seating plan to worry about.

If you’re really relaxed about your decor there are so many ideas for creating a paired back picnic space. Be fuss free with chopping boards, wooden planks, enamel dishes and pots. The more mixed and textural elements the better. Lay down some linen sheets and let your guests fall into the feel of the day. Glass stopper water bottles look perfect dotted through the tablescape filled with fresh infused water flavours and elderflower pop.

Think about creating some shade with a home-made tipi with vintage linen and crochet tied to long wooden sticks.

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If you’re not quite sure about sitting on the floor in your sunday best then ask your caterer to create some large table platters and serving dishes. Self service only of course.

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If you’re thinking about a little entertainment for the evening you could always pop on a video of the service for those that might not have been there or a ‘highlights’ video of yours and your new hubby’s best bits through the months and years. Friends and Family will love seeing how the relationship has grown.

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Are you feeling the rustic picnic trend? Oh hurry back Summer.
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