A show of hands then please, who’s heard of a S’more before? Nope? Me neither until this summer when the weddings I was working at seemed to have more and more ‘S’mores Stations’ set out for their evening guests. OK, basically they are a melted marshmallow and chocolate sandwich. Totally Heavenly.

smores 3

smores 8

After a little googling, I found out that they are an American tradition started by campers in the early 20th Century after Marshmallows became mass produced and we’re light and easily packed along with Grahams crackers and chocolate bars in their backpacks. They got their name from ‘Some More’ which let me tell you, after one that’s all you’ll be saying…

smores 2

smores 1

There are now masses of adaptions on the original S’mores on Pinterest but to keep this super simple you’ll need : Grahams Crackers (These are a bit tricky to find over here so we’ve used Wheat Biscuits instead, but digestives are just as delicious) Chunks of milk chocolate, Large Marshmallows and Toasting sticks.

smores 4

smores 6

Melt your mallow, sandwich them up and enjoy! It’s so simple.

smores 7

smores 10

smores 11

smores 5

smores 13

I love the idea of a little serving trolley to wheel out as the night air draws in filled with S’mores galore for guests to toast round the fire. If your venue doesn’t have anywhere for you to have a fire outside a S’mores bar with rows of tea lights for would be just as good. Who doesn’t love a midnight sugar fix after dancing the night away?

If you want to get a little more creative add chopped nuts, jam, fresh fruits or raisins, fudge, Rolo’s, Nutella or try using cookies for your biscuits instead. The possibilities are endless.

The pretty paper Flowers used on our station are by the very talented Things By Laura.

Fancy having a go at Bonfire night, do let us know how you get on…and if you go back for S’more.

Enjoy Bonfire night,
The Little Lending Co. x