Country Cool Barn weddings still get me every time and this one is totally up our alley.

When Polly got in touch to start planning her day from all the way over in Australia I got just a little bit excited about some of the items she was adding to her ‘Little Lending’ basket, this was going to be gorgeous…And the pictures by Tori Hancock prove just that. Especially when she asked us to work on a set of blackboards with our modern calligraphy styled writing.

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-358 copy

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-386 copy

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-437 copy 2


Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-407 copy

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-393 copy

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-413 copy


Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-424 copy

I also did some calligraphy name cards for Polly and Rob so I’m really excited to be able to offer these if any of you needed them alongside any other written signage…

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-434 copy

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-463 copy

Home-made sweets station with our jars, mini polaroids for the guests wedding selfies and that epic cake on our log block.


Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-382 copy


Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-813 copy

Polly-and-Rob-Wedding-small-395 copy

This wedding is so effortlessly stylish and I’m smitten.

Venue – Mildenhall, Suffolk.
Photogrpahy – Tori Hancock

The Little Lending Co. X


Singing Ging Gang Goolie round the camp fire on Brownie Guide weekends we’re some of the best I’ve ever had. There was no better feeling of a cold nose but toasty toes as we all huddled together to drink warm cocoa before lights out.

Camping always conjures up wonderful memories and nothing brings people together like pitching in with the tent and collecting the fire wood. This has to be a pretty great way to spend one of the best weekends of your life too, right? Why have one wedding day when you can turn it into a 3 day camping fest.

I’ve been pinning a few Camping Wedding ideas for some time and just love the simplicity of it all. Let your surroundings make the statement and the people at your day be the focus.

Here’s just a few ways to pull together a Camp party, it’s pretty good time of year to make the most of these lingering warmer evenings too…

Image Via Etsy.
Nostalgic and traditional techniques are perfect from the start, these little wooden discs are the sweetest to tell everyone about your upcoming nuptials in the woods.

Image Via Off Beat Bride.
Signage from found wood and hand painted signs are necessary for your campsite. And don’t forget we offer this bespoke service too if you’re looking for something personal.

Image via Ruffled.
Home-made and pulled together to keep this look completely cool.

Image Via Wedding Chicks.
Serve Marshmallows on twigs for everyone to toast to their hearts content as the last of the sun sets.

Offering blankets for the evening will definatley pick up the Brownie points with guests. Our collection is getting out of control here at Little Lending HQ.

If you’re an über chilled out couple, let the guests cook their supper. Fresh and local produce with home rustic baked bread a plenty.

Image Via Frist Sight Daily.
Go all out on lighting with Old storm lanterns and lots of candlelight. Mis-paired and a grouped collections of primary and metals will give your campsite some pops amongst the greenery.

Image via
And when you’re ready you can just roll into your sleeping bags for a night under the stars. Totally romantic and remote.

So has this inspired you to dig our your thermos flask and test the waters with your loved ones for a weekend with nature?
We’d love to know.

The Little Lending Co. x


2014TRP_LLC131 Photography by Tatum Reid.

Signage is really coming into its own. So many stylish ways to show guests to their seats or more importantly, the nearest watering hole.
It’s something you kind of need too if you have a spaced out venue or somethings tucked round the back that people will need to find. And personally, I think road side signage is a must to make sure everyone find you in the first place – it builds up lots excitement on the drive up too!

You don’t need to make Signage expensive – Finding old wood or fence panels from Dads DIY projects, or logs and bark collected from the woods, slate or even large pieces of cardboard done right can get the job done using tins of forgotten paint at the back of the garage. Using what you have to hand makes the day just that little bit more easy and home-spun.

Chalkboards are ‘the’ must have signage of the moment. A timeless cool of old school memories and nostalgia of days spent in classrooms with blackboards that roll and chalky fingers. And if you go wrong when writing the table plan in chalk there won’t be any tears – you can just rub it out! We’ve been adding lots of chalkboard additions; slate tiles, our home-made arrows (photographed), blackboard clipboards, making menus come to life, and our free standing large blackboards with or without easel are perfect for the days timetable or seating plan. Plus something new (after lots of compliments on my handwriting) we can now write on our chalk signs your messages and words for a small fee. Drop us a message if you’d like to know more about this service.

For a lot more ideas on getting your wedding signed right, take a look at our pinterest board.

Signing out for now,
The Little Lending Co. x