Ladders seem to be THE decorative item of 2014 and I’m pretty sure they’ll be sticking around into the new year and beyond with their timeless appeal. With so much scope I’ve got a lot of time for ladders, you could say collecting them has turned into an obsession…

Mini ones, Extra tall ones, Painted ones, paired ones we seem to have the ladder for every occasion right here at Little Lending HQ. So, what will you do with yours?

Perhaps you’ll go with showing guests the way, they make pretty great stands for welcome and direction signage.


Or maybe you’ll help guests to their seats with a creative table plan or escot card system strung across the steps.



They really do make beauties of backdrops and will give your photographer some dreamy set ups to shoot.




Get sentimental by displaying photographs of loved ones who can’t be there or ladies handkerchiefs for the ceremony. Just love the idea of using a ladder pair as an interactive guest book too with strings across the legs hanging up your guests polaroid snaps.



Have your first celebratory drinks served from wooden steps.



Or maybe you’ll go for our duo making the perfect alternative to a cake table station like we styled here with ours as featured on B.Loved blog.


Images from and via Tatum Reid Photogrpahy, Love My Dress, B.Loved, Weddings Illustrated, Inspired by This, Rustic Wedding Chic, Iloveswmag, HTWM and Sunshine and Confetti Events with photography by Life in Bloom Photography.

If this has given you a lust for ladders then drop us a message about ours for hire. We’ve picked up some lovely steps of late too which are yet to be featured on here but keep an eye on our Instagram to make sure you see all our newbies there first.

The Little Lending Co. x

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